is an information site about the environment and health, created to make the general public aware that a better world is possible,  through respectful behavior towards all forms of life.

Planet Earth is our unique and rich common home. We are responsible for our well-being.

We believe that each of our actions has an impact on the unity of the great life that we are, and that respect for the environment is the only way for us all to be healthy and happy in this space of the Universe.

That’s why it’s important that each one in their own way,  start changing habits in search of a simpler, less consumerist, more loving, respectful, and grateful life for the abundance we receive from our  Mother Nature.

No need to do complicated or expensive things. On the contrary, each one can, little by little, begin the changes that he believes he can make to collaborate in this heroic work of transforming the world we live in, into a better place for all.

Relationque!  it means becoming green in ideas and actions and that is why we bring news, suggestions, recipes, tips…  a world of green information so that in small – big – day-to-day actions, people are inspired to always follow, and increasingly, a  sustainable lifestyle.