An apricot tree in the garden is not much work. If you want to plant a tree, you should pay attention to the ideal time of year. This not only depends on the wood itself, but also how it is delivered.

Ideal season: autumn

There is a suitable time for planting for every tree, including the apricot tree . This is ideally used in autumn between October and November when the ground is still frost-free. This is for the following reasons:

  • Roots can develop over the winter
  • spread
  • tree may sprout in spring
  • depending on the size already the first flowers

The best season for planting apricots is autumn, but there are definitely exceptions.

Note: When planting in autumn, it is important that the selected tree already has a solid engine. Otherwise, young shoots that have not yet developed properly could freeze to death, even on the actually frost-hardy apricot tree.

Suitable Season: Spring

Spring can also be chosen as a suitable planting time. Planting should be carried out immediately after the last frost, when the soil becomes loose again. This ensures that the tree is planted before it buds. Because later, when the first shoots and leaves are already showing, it is bad to plant a tree, not only with the apricot. When planting in spring, the following must also be observed:

  • water well immediately
  • daily on dry days
  • Roots need a lot of water
  • do not grow in dry soil

Attention: It often also depends on the purchased goods how quickly you should plant the apricot tree and whether it is planted in the fall or in the spring.

Differences in planting time

In the case of shrubs and trees, a general distinction is made between bare-root goods, ball goods or container goods. Above all, the price is often decisive here. Because bare root goods and bale goods are cheaper than the often expensive container goods. How a plant is delivered often determines when it is planted.

Bare root goods

Bare-rooted goods are trees that have no earth around their roots. It is the cheapest commodity, but also the one that should be used immediately, since the roots have no protection from the outside. Therefore, with bare-root goods, it should be noted that the date of purchase is also the time of planting.

  • Plant immediately after purchase
  • ideal for autumn planting
  • roots without soil
  • can take root faster
Tip: If you know in October that you want to plant an apricot tree, then you can now access the cheap bare-root products. Because you can plant them immediately at a suitable location in autumn.


Container goods are trees and shrubs that are delivered in a pot with sufficient soil. Since the container goods do not have to be planted directly upon purchase, the apricot tree can also remain in this for a longer period of time. It is important that he gets enough water.

  • Container goods acquired in summer
  • ideal planting time in autumn
  • Container goods acquired in winter
  • put protected
  • wait until spring to plant
  • Container goods are available all year round
Note: It is always ideal to purchase the tree only when it is to be planted, i.e. directly in autumn or early spring before planting.


Baled goods are dug out with earth and packed in a net or cloth. The root ball is generally only offered at the ideal planting times in autumn or spring and should be planted just as promptly as the bare root. If it stops, proceed as follows:

  • open cloth
  • Water roots well
  • Close the cloth again
  • enough for a few days of interim storage
Note: Like bare-root goods, the rooted goods are also cheaper than the expensive container goods, but can be stored in a protected place for a few days without planting.

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