Nice weather lures many people outside onto the balcony. But not everyone has a lot of space there. Here we show you which balcony furniture you can use to transform a small balcony into an oasis of well-being.

Selection criteria for balcony furniture

Before you start looking for suitable balcony furniture, you should determine which function your balcony should fulfil. Balconies can be used in a variety of ways, such as

  • for growing vegetables
  • as a flower garden
  • for relaxation
  • as a dining area with a view
  • as a play paradise for children

Space-saving interior helps you to find the right balcony furniture for every area. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right balcony furniture for small balconies:

  • exact balcony size
  • legal requirements (also by the landlord)
  • sun exposure
  • good quality for durability
  • materials and care

With us you will find the right chic balcony furniture for every occasion. Because less space does not mean less beautiful.

Small balcony as a large garden

Growing your own flowers or fruit and vegetables is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is known as urban gardening. The focus is primarily on the plants. Tables and chairs play a rather subordinate role. And even if your balcony seems too small for any furniture, the following items will at least give you a view of the countryside.

raised bed

If you mainly want to grow vegetables, a raised bed is perfect for you. Due to the raised bed, all plants are sufficiently supplied with light. The seedlings naturally grow better this way. You can also continue to use the space under the raised bed. Watering cans, potting soil and garden tools can be stowed away on a board under the raised bed.

plant shelves

Shelves have one distinct advantage over tables. They hang on the wall and don’t take up any space. In addition, you usually have several surfaces on top of each other. With small balconies in particular, you should make full use of the height and the balcony railing. Ladder shelves or hanging shelves are particularly cool. Not only are they practical, but their design also makes them look stylish. This is how they enhance every balcony.

Wine crate shelves

You no longer have to go to a furniture store to buy shelves. The much more sustainable option is to build shelves yourself from conventional objects. You don’t even need specific manual skills to do this. You can simply use discarded wine crates. That’s how it works:

  • Group wine crates as you like
  • Fix boxes with screws
  • hang up / set up

Plant bags and climbing aids

If shelves are too massive for you, you can also use plant bags. These can be attached to the wall and then planted. Climbing aids similar to cloakrooms also have a similar concept. The plants twine along the top, while you have additional storage space below. Such vertical gardens not only save space, but also create a carpet of plants on the wall when planted correctly. So you have the impression of being surrounded by nature.

Note: Make sure that hanging objects do not hit rain gutters or balcony railings when it is windy. In the worst case, the noise will be transmitted and your neighbors may feel disturbed by it.

Smaller tables

In order to generate as much parking space as possible, you can also place smaller tables on your balcony . These only have to be wide enough to easily place flower pots on them. In addition, smaller tables have a nice side effect. If you put a chair outside, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee in your little garden paradise.

serving trolley

The classic serving trolley forms a good connection between gardening and eating. Herbs such as thyme or basil can be planted in pots on it. When it comes time to eat, you can push the trolley to the dining table as it is. In the course of this, it is of course also perfect for serving other foods or drinks.

Small balcony as an oasis of relaxation

Or are you one of those people who see your balcony as a place to relax? Then you are exactly right in this section. This balcony furniture invites you to linger and is so beautiful that you quickly forget the space problem.

bar furniture

Bar furniture has already been designed to save space and is therefore the first port of call for small balconies. For example, you can put a high bar table on one short side. The matching chairs simply disappear underneath and don’t take up any space. This not only gives you a nice place for cocktails and food, but you can also place plants on the bar table.

Note: If your balcony railing is very low or you live high up, you should better avoid bar furniture. The risk of accidents is just too great.


Lounge furniture is the epitome of relaxation and is no longer just for large areas. A lot of small lounge furniture is now being manufactured. Due to their low surfaces, lounge furniture is extremely comfortable and only invites you to relax.

Multifunctional furniture

Can’t decide on a piece of furniture? You don’t have to. Fortunately, there is more and more multifunctional furniture, i.e. furniture that can be converted into another piece of furniture in just a few simple steps. This furniture is absolutely perfect for small balconies. For example, buy:

  • Garden bench with side and backrest
  • Wall shelf that folds down to form a table
  • Table with shelf legs

Folding and hanging tables

If you want your own table, folding or hanging tables are best. These are simply attached to the wall or balcony railing. They are then expanded if necessary. If you no longer need the table, it can simply be folded back into its original position.

folding chairs

The principle of foldable furniture to save space is also reflected in the chairs. Folding chairs are the ideal pieces of furniture for small balconies. They are quick to set up, but take up very little space.

Tip: You can even attach the chairs to the wall with a bracket. Then they are not only well stowed away, but also serve as design elements.

beach chair

Beach chairs are a special type of folding chair. You can often find them in beach clubs. They are deeper than other chairs and only have a panel of fabric as a seat. Beach chairs are foldable and can be easily stowed away.

Stackable chairs

Chairs that can be stacked are also ideal for small balconies. Stacking only takes up one chair. If necessary, however, the chairs can be separated and many new seating options are created.

corner bench

If you prefer fixed constructions, it is better to use benches than chairs. Corner benches are best. They do not take up any more space on the already narrow balcony and fill every corner perfectly. The corner bench thus offers the most seating space, so that more people can be seated.


Chests are ideal as balcony furniture for small balconies. If a few pillows are cleverly draped on them, chests are ideal as an alternative to the conventional bench. On top of that. Incidental items such as charcoal or cushions can be easily stowed away in chests and are thus perfectly tidy.

Tip: It is best to place the chest lengthwise on a short side. This is how you visually stretch your balcony.


If even chests are too wide for your balcony or a pipe is blocking the space, you can use stools as an alternative. These fulfill many functions:

  • seating
  • Storage space for objects and feet
  • Several stools in combination: lying surface

Although they offer less space, they can be moved more flexibly from one place to another.

rocking chair

If you don’t want to do without a relaxing swing, you can use rocking chairs. The expansive classic model is also available in a more space-saving version. The rocking chair does not take up much more space than any conventional chair.


If your balcony is too narrow for a hanging chair, but you still want to “hang out” carefree, we recommend the classic hammock. This not only offers pure relaxation, but is also easy to set up. And the best? When you are no longer using them, you can simply unhook them, roll them up and use the space for something else.


But you don’t always need solid constructions to have a nice seat. How about a beanbag? It changes its shape at will and always remains chilled. Not many balcony furniture meet this criterion. In addition, several people can be comfortably seated on the beanbag. It will certainly not only give you pleasure.

Garden loungers and deckchairs

If sunbathing is your favorite way to relax, sun loungers and deckchairs are probably among your priorities. To save space, you should use foldable models. These offer no less comfort than the classic loungers, but are better suited for smaller balconies. If your balcony is too small even for that, we recommend chairs with adjustable backrests. That way you can at least get close to a lounger.

Balcony furniture brand self-made

For the creative ones among you, it is a good idea to build your own furniture. So you can not only adapt the furniture perfectly to your balcony size, but also correspond to your taste in any case. How about a beer crate table, for example?

Euro pallet furniture

The most popular are still balcony and garden furniture made of Euro pallets. The pallets have long proven that they are more than just a stable base. With a little manual skill, Euro pallets can be made like this:

  • Loungesofas
  • chairs
  • tables
  • royal

Small balcony for the little ones

A balcony can not only be a place of well-being for adults. Children especially enjoy being outside. If you therefore want to cater to the needs of your little ones in particular, there is also suitable balcony furniture for this.


Wasn’t it always the greatest thing when you were a kid to build caves and hide in them? With a small tent or tipi you can easily take this feeling outside. Just place the tent in a corner of your balcony. To underline the cozy flair, you can decorate the tent with cushions, blankets and lamps. If you also attach a mosquito net at the entrance, nothing stands in the way of stargazing at night.

care instructions

If you have decided on balcony furniture, you naturally also want it to last a long time. For this, care is essential. Proper maintenance depends on the material.

  • Metal: wipe damp and dry; only repaint flaked areas
  • Aluminum: wipe with water; use paint spray if necessary
  • Plastic: wipe with water
  • Wood: impregnate/varnish once a year; Treat with hard oil 2 to 3 times a year, sand down if necessary
  • Exception tropical woods such as teak: natural protective layer
Note: Do not treat wood with conventional oils such as rapeseed. This softens the fibers and is more harmful than helpful.

Decoration for the small balcony

To round off the perfect look, decorative elements should not be missing in your new paradise. They not only create a nice atmosphere, but also underline your personal look. Perhaps one of the following items will soon complement your balcony:

  • parasol
  • sun sail
  • table fireplace
  • outdoor rugs
  • fairy lights
  • (Solar) lamps
  • Tischbrunnen

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