Start the day with a refreshing shower! When black worms suddenly appear in the bathroom, the shock is great. How do you get rid of them? is there help

worms in the bathroom

The shower is a place of refreshment and cleanliness. Worms and other creepy-crawlies have no place there. Where are you from?

Bugs can for example about

  • indoor plants
  • climbing plants on the house
  • opened windows
  • drain pipes

get into the apartment. Different species prefer humid, warm rooms like the bathroom.

Emphasis on drainage

Residues gradually accumulate in the drains of the shower, bathtub and sink. Hair that gets into the drain when combing and washing hair becomes tangled and small dirt particles can no longer get through. Gradually a dense tangle of hair and dirt forms. This tangle provides a good basis for the settlement of various vermin.

Tip: Use drain strainers to prevent the drain from getting dirty.

Black worms in the shower

Insects that look like black worms are not necessarily worms. It can also be larvae or caterpillars.

We present the three most common worm-like visitors in the bathroom and give tips to help drive them away.


Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) appear like small black worms . Especially in winter they like to come into the warm apartment. As soon as the light comes on, they scurry past and hide in the cracks. Moisture and warmth are prerequisites for the females to lay their eggs. The bath offers the best conditions for many offspring.


  • up to a centimeter long
  • dark with silvery scales
  • six feet
  • feed on starch, as well as hair, dust mites, dander, mold, paper
Note: Did you know that silverfish can live up to eight years? They can survive for several weeks even without food.


  • air regularly
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom
  • Flush drains with hot water and seal overnight
  • Eliminate mold immediately


  • Lay out sticky traps
  • Use vinegar cleaner
  • Spread the scent of lavender or lemon
Tip : Put half a potato in a plastic bag on the floor in the evening. The next morning you can take the silverfish outside with the bag.

butterfly larvae

Moth mosquitoes (Psychodidae) are common in Germany. At rest, they resemble a small, hairy butterfly. Their larvae live in the forest floor, but also in the sewage system. The larvae, which appear like black worms, can become a problem in the shower.


  • 4 to 10 millimeters long
  • dark brown to black colour
  • elongated body, thickened at the end
  • Larvae with bristles and without bristles occur
  • live in decaying organic matter
  • feed on organic residues
  • live in the sewers
  • disease carriers
Note: Butterfly midge larvae play an important role in the decomposition of organic matter in the soil.


  • Thoroughly clean water pipes, floor drains, drains and siphons on a regular basis
  • avoid open water containers


  • Suction off the butterfly gnats
  • Cleaning the drain with a pipe brush every day for one to two weeks

Bacon beetle larva

Bacon beetle larvae (Dermestidae) are a threat to your food supplies. The voracious larvae, which look like black worms, can stray into the bathroom in search of food. If nothing better is available, the disgusting animals also eat hair and dander.


  • dark coloring
  • photophobic
  • retreat to dark places


You can prevent a bacon beetle infestation by using a fly screen, you can tackle the larvae and adult specimens directly with a vacuum cleaner,
  • Do not turn on the lights when the windows and doors are open
  • Install fly screens
  • Check textiles in the bathroom for signs of wear
  • Seal cracks and joints in floor coverings and skirting boards
  • Thoroughly clean bathrooms regularly


  • Set up pheromone traps
  • Vacuum beetles and larvae
  • wash affected fabrics

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