Who doesn’t want a beautiful green lawn in front of the house? But the hot temperatures in summer cause the grass to dry up. Blowing up the lawn can help. When is the right time?

water requirements of the lawn

If you want a green lawn in summer, you have to know what you need. Lawn is basically a monoculture of grass. Grass consists mostly of water. Accordingly, regular watering is necessary to maintain the metabolism.

The average water requirement of the lawn in summer is 2.5 liters per square meter. Consumption depends on:

  • location
  • lawn type
  • weather
  • season
  • soil condition

In warm temperatures, the daily water requirement can increase to 5 liters of water per square meter. But when is the best time for the grass to recover?

Water requirement sign

How do you recognize a lack of water in a lawn? To determine this, half a square meter of grass is trampled on. The faster it straightens up again, the better the moisture supply. If the trampled areas are still clearly visible after 20 minutes, this is a clear sign of a lack of water.

The curling of the leaves also indicates a lack of moisture.

Morning or evening?

Experts recommend watering lawns thoroughly in the early hours of the morning. At this time, the ground has cooled and evaporation is reduced.

It is also possible to water the lawn late in the evening or at night. However, keep in mind that the floor heats up a lot on hot summer days . Watering can only bring the desired success after sunset.

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