Flowers and shrubs are important to most people. The seedlings are then distributed directly on the property with great attention to detail. In order to make a garden appealing, creative beds or borders are created, for example.

If you want to make a plant a highlight on the terrace, simply place it in a modern flower pot. Not only do summer flowers feel comfortable in them, high-quality containers are even ideal for palms or small trees.

Choose the right flower pot

Garden lovers want a versatile planter that suits any style to decorate the garden. Due to the special material, the flower boxes are very light and you can easily move them around at any time. Nevertheless, they are weatherproof, stable and can withstand a bump.

How about a square version for a change? The enormous range of shapes and sizes enables a wide range of possible combinations:

  • Models in many different sizes
  • Combination of several shades (e.g. gray for a more impressive look)
  • red or grained designs are particularly effective
  • Wood look provides more naturalness (on the balcony)

All planters can optionally be placed indoors. Because palm trees or cacti should hibernate in sheltered rooms. As a room divider, they are an attractive and variable solution. And in the office, lush plants ensure a good climate, since the air can be enriched with pollutants from electrical devices. In addition, it is often impossible or only possible to open the windows irregularly.

Tip: In addition, decorations with high-quality pots and mixed perennials bring additional cosiness into your own four walls.

Caring for houseplants properly

Evergreen plants, orchids or other flowering plants can be found in most apartments. However, the environment usually does not correspond to the original conditions. It is therefore a challenge to take the respective requirements into account. For example, some varieties need regular watering, while other plants need plenty of sun.

Errors in care express themselves quickly. This can lead to brown spots or the loss of leaves. Insufficient growth is also due to a lack of supply, so fertilizing should not be forgotten. With a few tricks , hobby gardeners can make even the most sensitive plants bloom. Even propagating exotic species becomes child’s play with a little practice.

help beneficials

The number of insects is declining. This development is dramatic, since butterflies, bees and beetles are indispensable for the ecological cycle. Some species are even natural pest repellents or help loosen the soil. The federal government draws attention to the problem and would like to increase the number in the long term with an action program and valuable advice.

Even when designing your own garden, each individual can do a lot to ensure its survival:

  • plant insect-friendly flowers and herbs
  • Increase lawn mowing intervals
  • Create a flower meadow
Note: The use of pesticides in the garden should be avoided entirely.

In addition, comprehensive protection can be provided in winter. Many insects prefer caves, undergrowth or old parts of plants as quarters for the cold season and species-appropriate nesting sites can be created without much effort. With just a few simple steps, you can make your garden insect-friendly.

frequently asked Questions

There are tons of plants you can use to attract insects to your garden. These include, for example, berry bushes or fruit trees. A herb garden with dill, sage and lemon balm is also a little paradise. Design so-called “wild corners” with grasses, nettles and clover in your garden, because these also have an attractive effect on insects.

There are a number of different filling materials that can be used for an insect hotel. For example, use drilled hardwood, reed and bamboo stems, bricks, straw, wood shavings or cones. With this mixture you attract a variety of different insects, such as wild bees, wasps, ladybugs, lacewings and earwigs.

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