Aloe vera is popular as a medicinal plant and houseplant. Its juice is considered beneficial to health and is used for skin injuries. At the beginning of the year the aloe blooms. Do you have to cut off the flowers?

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Aloe Vera

The queen of medicinal plants, aloe vera, is also known as real aloe, desert rose or bitter tuft. Its leaves have been used to extract the medicinal juice for more than a hundred years. But aloe is not only popular because of its healing powers. The plant, which originates from tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia, is now cultivated as a houseplant all over the world. It is easy to care for and the favorite for those who have little time for plant care. Even as a container plant, the plant cuts a fine figure with its thick fleshy leaves.

Note: The thick leaves of the aloe indicate that it belongs to the succulent family. But it belongs to the grass tree family.

Plant Traits:

  • thick fleshy leaves arranged in a rosette with small thorns on the leaf margins
  • Leaves retain moisture
  • Growth height: 40 to 60 centimeters
  • Plant diameter: 40 to 60 centimeters

The blossom

As early as January, aloe vera produces a long-stemmed inflorescence. This can reach a height of up to 80 or 90 centimeters and form one or two side shoots. Red, orange, or yellow flowers develop at the ends. Many small tubular florets are arranged around the stem, forming a pointed cluster of flowers.

Gradually the tubular flowers bloom. In one inflorescence there are flowers that have faded, bloomed and still closed at the same time.

Cut off the inflorescence after it has finished blooming, otherwise it robs the plant of valuable energy. Use a clean, sharp knife to cut.

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