Water consumption in the garden depends on numerous parameters. Weather, plants and garden size determine the amount of water required. There are a few rules of thumb that you can use to calculate the litres/m² for yourself.

blasting in summer

Depending on the size of the garden, the water requirement differs considerably.

First, determine the size of your garden. Include only the areas that need water. For an accurate calculation, you should deduct sidewalks, paved areas and garden sheds.

Other rules of thumb assume a summer of 20 weeks. On average, 20 liters per m² per week are required so that the plants are sufficiently watered.

Example: With a garden area of ​​100m², this means a consumption of 2000 liters per week. After all, over the whole summer 40,000 liters are used to water the garden.

Formula: area (100m²) * quantity (20 liters) * duration (20 weeks) = liters/m2 per year (summer)

When spring and fall bring little rainfall, watering is also required. Basically, the need for water is lower in these seasons. The months of May to September are considered to have little rain and are therefore predestined for active irrigation, while in the period from October to April natural rain irrigation is usually sufficient.

Determine water consumption individually

Different rules of thumb lead to different results. Plants and local weather determine the level of water consumption. You can determine your individual needs by constantly observing the plants. These show visually whether there is enough water.

Tip: The results of the rule of thumb serve as a guide. It is then advisable to observe the lawn and plants so that the optimal conditions prevail in your own garden.

water demand and solar radiation

The water consumption in the garden is influenced by the solar radiation. The stronger the sun shines, the more water the plants need. Consumption increases in warm weather.

Tip: In order to reduce water consumption, watering in the morning and evening hours is recommended. At midday, a large part of the water evaporates again. In addition, the cold water can damage the hot plants.

water requirements and soil conditions

The respective soil conditions determine the consumption of water per square meter of garden area. Clay soil retains moisture better than sandy soil. Regular watering is required for sandy soils .

Tip: A medium measure is recommended when watering. Too little and too much water damage the lawn and plants alike.

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