When hornets occur, a distinction must be made between two different cases. On the one hand, it is about chasing away a single insect. On the other hand, it is sometimes necessary or at least desirable to drive away a whole hornet colony that has taken up residence in the garden or in a roller shutter box. Outside the nesting area, the animals are anything but aggressive. Unfortunately, it is far too little known that hornets are very peaceful insects and never sting or attack without a reason. Basically they are very shy and prefer to avoid a conflict.

way of life

From the end of April the nest is founded solely by the hornet queen mated the previous year. To do this, the queen looks for a sheltered nesting place in the cavities of trees. If no suitable trees are available, she will build her nest in bird nest boxes or roller shutter boxes on the house. The first workers will help her from the end of June. If the nest becomes too small for the colony, hornets use a very special trick: they form branches. Hornets only exist for about six months. By the beginning of November at the latest, all of the people except for the new young queen will die. An abandoned nest from the previous year will not be used again. However, since it is used by other beneficial insects for wintering, it should not be removed until next spring at the earliest.

Relocate hornets

In most cases nothing needs to be done when hornets nest in the garden, as they are neither dangerous nor particularly annoying. They are not interested in sweet drinks or other foods on the human diet. If you want to remove a nest and relocate it, you need an official permit, because they are under nature protection. As a rule, however, this is only granted if the insects pose an actual threat, i.e. either life and limb is threatened or the hornets nest in the building fabric. In all other cases, relocation does not necessarily make sense, because the animals feed on other insects and thus make an important contribution to a good balance in the garden.

Gently drive away hornets

Before tackling the problem, a distinction must first be made between an entire hornet colony that has settled near the house or in the garden, or just isolated specimens that have strayed into the apartment or the garden.

1. Chase away hornissen people

If the nest has already been built and the first workers have hatched, it is very difficult to drive them away. However, there is a way to get the hornets to move.

Offer an alternative nest

Hornets can be induced to leave their current accommodation much more easily and without official approval by offering better housing. Attic or roller shutter boxes are only chosen as nesting sites because there are no suitable caves available. So-called Mündener hornet boxes offer really ideal accommodation. This box is modeled on a hollowed-out tree. In order to create ideal conditions, the nest box must be hung in the garden with the opening facing east. In order for the insects to move, the cave must not be too far away from the current nest. With a little luck, the insects will voluntarily leave their nest within the next few weeks. At the latest, however, in the following year, when the young queen is looking for a suitable breeding place again,

Prevent implantation in spring

A much more effective and harmless method of driving away hornets is not to give the queen the opportunity to build a nest in unfavorable places in May. Anyone who observes a single hornet in the spring as it always flies to the same place (like the roller blind box) can be sure that it is a queen who wants to start building the nest. Anyone who has the opportunity to secure the site with a close-meshed grid should do so immediately. Otherwise, drizzling clove oil will help. The flying insects don’t like the smell and stay away.

2. Drive out individual hornets

Individuals get lost in the garden or fly into the apartment through open windows or doors, especially at dusk, attracted by the light. If they find what they are looking for there while looking for food, remember the location and come back when the opportunity arises. In these cases, the cause must be eliminated.

Indoor hornets
If there is a hornet in the room, it has accidentally lost its way there. They usually come into the house in the evenings. When it is already dark outside, they are attracted to the light and cannot find their way out. In this case, it is sufficient to open the window or door and turn off the light. They only stay indoors for long periods of time if they find something to eat there. Since they feed on insects, the apartment should always be kept insect-free. If the animal does not find its way out on its own, you can catch it with a transparent cup or glass and bring it outside. Hornets do not fly around frantically and are therefore very easy to catch.

Tip: Close-meshed fly screens are suitable to prevent stinging insects from flying into living spaces. So you can sleep with the window open on warm summer nights.

Eliminate forage plants in the garden
Hornets are also attracted to trees that are very sap beneath their bark. The vegetable menu includes, for example, the juice of birch and lilac, as well as fallen fruit and honeydew. Anyone who cannot get rid of a hornet colony for years should think about eliminating these sources of food.

Water or smoke
Hornets don’t like water, and smoke puts them on alert so they flee. However, this measure should by no means be used against an entire colony, but only specifically and carefully to drive away individual hornets. Attacks of this kind can lead to attacks in the vicinity of the nest.

Scents against hornets
There are certain scents that hornets do not like at all and therefore prefer to avoid the area. These include:

  • hot coffee (place the pot with hot coffee)
  • Lemons (put the sliced ​​lemon on a plate)
  • Cloves (crushed and put in a small bowl)
Note : These home remedies only ensure a short-term reduction in the number of insects. So they are only useful for a coffee table or short stays on the terrace.

Battery-operated insect repellants Insect repellants
are available in stores that produce high-frequency sounds and are intended to drive away not only hornets, but other insects as well. However, the hornets usually do not mind these tones and they come anyway.

fodder If individual individuals are looking for fodder in the garden, they can be kept away from places such as the terrace or barbecue area by providing them with attractive bait. Since adult hornets feed on tree sap and windfalls, overripe fruit such as a sliced ​​apple is certainly a worthwhile alternative. This should be set up in a bowl or bowl at a place at a sufficient distance from play and dining areas.

A short-term relocation of a hornet’s nest may only be carried out by a specialist and with the appropriate permission. Instead of chasing them away, they can be moved to move by hanging a particularly attractive nest box. Otherwise it is important to avoid the kings nestling again in the spring. Individual hornets are not aggressive and in principle very useful for the garden. By November at the latest, the people will die completely anyway.

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