Pigeons should be driven away mainly because they pose health risks. They transmit bacterial and viral pathogens and a number of parasites which are pathogenic to humans. So pigeons can make you really sick. In addition, the droppings can ruin entire facades and cause roofs to corrode. Nesting material clogs gutters and drains.

Driving out is not an end in itself

There are two main types of harmful pigeons, namely the feral city pigeon / domestic pigeon and the Turkish pigeon.

  • The city pigeon can be recognized by its characteristic blue-gray colored plumage. City pigeons also have a black tail base and black crossbars. There are numerous color variants for domestic pigeons, including brown, white or spotted.
  • Turkish pigeons, on the other hand, can be recognized by their slimmer stature and longer feather tails. The plumage is light gray to beige brown. The thin, black neck ring on the back of the neck is characteristic. The eyes are reddish in color and have a light eye ring.

To counteract the spread of the pigeon in cities, feeding the animals has already been banned in many cities. Unfortunately, people rarely adhere to these guidelines. It is quite difficult to deal with pollution. There are so many pathogens and parasites in the excrement that something has to be done. Each and every one of us can help bring this problem under control.

Means against pigeons

There are many means offered that are supposed to help against pigeons. Some of them are not laborious or expensive, you can try them out. But some means are rather dubious. As with fighting or driving away other animals (moles, voles, martens, etc.), there is no ultimate remedy. It always depends on the external conditions and on the pigeons. Often there are a few things to try to find an effective remedy.

When evaluating, I have to rely on the opinions and experiences of others and on my common sense. I live in the country and we only have wood pigeons here. But they are not a problem, although I know that many of my neighbors also pull the nests out of their trees because they feel disturbed.

Important : According to the Animal Welfare Act, it is forbidden to do any violence to the pigeons. They must not be killed, so no poison either! There are exceptions, but you need a permit.

Remove nests

That definitely helps. If the nests are removed in good time, the birds cannot raise any offspring and cannot spread any further. Often the pigeons try to build a new nest, so you just have to stay on the ball and if necessary strike again or even several times.

Nail board for window sills and balcony parapets

It’s a pretty simple story. A board the size of a window sill is studded with nails. The tips must of course point upwards. This prevents the birds from landing there. Such a narrow board is also suitable for the balcony parapet. Of course, you have to be careful not to injure yourself or your own children with this nail board. I don’t find this option ideal. It works in a similar way

Pigeon stop – spike systems

These are defense spikes, long elements with pointed spikes made of metal or plastic. These are glued or screwed to the approach areas or attached to pipelines with cable ties. These spikes are quite inexpensive and also effective, but unfortunately very ugly. But if you can live with it, you can be helped. Of course, it must be said here again that you can injure yourself on the parts, so be careful! The pigeons can also hurt themselves, which is why it is better to use the thick plastic parts, because they cannot pierce through the plumage, as is the case with the narrow metal spikes.


Here pigeons are to be driven away with ultrasound or infrasound waves. It is good that these cannot be heard by the human ear. So far everything works. However, the birds quickly get used to the unusual high pitched sound. Once that happens, this device has played out too.

Pigeon traps

Trapping pigeons in live traps and releasing them elsewhere is of course one way of reducing the population. However, official approval is required. In order to get this, there must be a compelling reason. Traps are placed at the birds’ feeding places. Two wire cages connected by a trap are used as traps. The problem with this variant is that the pigeons return after their release. So you don’t gain much with it.

Pigeon Terror – Scarecrow

Artificial animals, natural enemies of the pigeons, are called pigeon fright. These include dummies of ravens, crows, hawks, owls and other birds of prey. One tries to awaken the pigeon’s reflex to flee. In the beginning it works too. But pigeons are not stupid either and notice early enough that the “enemy” is not moving and is dangerous. Then the pigeon fright played out. You see it often in cities, a pigeon is sitting on a raven on the window sill, disrespectful, isn’t it?

The effect is similar with glittering ribbons, CDs and mobiles that are set up on the window sills and balconies. They help only very briefly, if at all.

Pigeon net

Wherever it is possible to attach pigeon nets, it also makes sense. They are available in many colors and sizes and made from different materials. It is important that the nets are UV and moisture resistant, they have to last a long time. This method is safe and inexpensive, but the nets that keep the pigeons out cannot be placed everywhere, and sometimes they can be a nuisance. The nets are cheap for entire facades, atriums and large areas.


Tension wire systems are effective and you can barely see the thin wires unless you are very close. The approach barriers consist of spring-loaded thin wires that are stretched between brackets. With this system you can handle almost any local situation. Pigeons cannot land or find support on the wires, which are only 0.6 mm thick. However, you have to be careful to attach them at the correct height. I think the tension wire system is the best because it does not harm the animals and yet is effective. In addition, the wires are barely visible and there are neat mounts that are easy on the eye. It is a one-time edition and the prices are limited, depending on the provider. The stainless steel variant is of course the most expensive, but the material is also the best. It doesn’t rust and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Electrical systems with low voltage or variable resistance – pulse current +
Here, thin rods are usually mounted, onto which a pulse generator conducts current from the socket. When pigeons come into contact with the bars, they receive a current pulse. This is very uncomfortable, but harmless. The pigeons startle and fly away. As a result, they avoid this place. Pasture fences work in a similar way. If you don’t want to use a socket, you have the option of installing a cost-neutral and electricity-independent solar pulse generator. Although this system is more expensive than the spikes, it has the full visual advantage on its side. A permanent solution that is easy to live with.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines make noise. That drives away pigeons. But, it is not windy all the time and who would want to hear the rattle of the wind turbine while sleeping when there is wind? I don’t find this remedy ideal. We have a wind turbine in the garden, against the neighbour’s mole. This little thing makes a hell of a noise, but we all sleep on the other side so we can’t hear it. Otherwise I wouldn’t close my eyes at night.

Professional pest fighter

Occasionally it makes sense to seek advice from a professional. These people are well versed in driving away pigeons. Such a professional costs money, but you have no job and it costs no nerves and no time. If you try out different products, you also invest a lot of money if you add it up at the end, not to mention the time you waste.

The following should or may not be used:

  • Defense systems that can injure the pigeons. Pay particular attention to the spikes. They should be made of plastic that cannot pierce the plumage.
  • Disarming pastes (contact pellents) – usually soiling and sticking together the plumage of the pigeon for a long time
  • Corrosive and irritating chemical substances – cause pain to animals
  • Chemical mists with antibodies – cause pain in the eyes and mucous membranes

Pigeons can be a nuisance. Personally, I also don’t like it when the pigeons gather on the roof of the neighboring house in the morning and make a noise, but then I shut my window. They leave us alone and so do we. It would be bad, however, if we had pigeon droppings everywhere. Then I would also intervene, although I am very fond of animals. It is important to prevent pigeons from spreading uncontrollably. What can be done for it, should be done. There are unobtrusive and effective ways to prevent pigeons from settling down, building nests, and polluting everything. You usually have to invest a few euros, sometimes a few more, but mostly long-term solutions and therefore only a purchase price is necessary. There are hardly any follow-up costs.

For me, the tension wire system is the best solution, inconspicuous, effective and the pigeons have no disadvantages from it, except that they cannot land. I would use it where it can be installed. Ultimately, however, it is up to everyone what they want to try.

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