Mushrooms are real all-round talents in the kitchen. In a casserole, filled with cream cheese from the grill or in goulash, many other delicious dishes can be conjured up in addition to these classics. Whether white or brown varieties, Agaricus is low in calories and yet rich in nutrients. When time is of the essence, canned mushrooms save time cooking. But is it even necessary to boil the mushrooms? Or are mushrooms also suitable for eating raw, for example as a salad ingredient?

Agaricus is suitable for raw consumption

Caution is generally required when eating mushrooms. There is hardly any other vegetable that many people associate with poisoning or hallucinations. And for a good reason. Only a few species are edible. The amount of mushrooms that the gardener can eat raw is again limited many times over. Fortunately, the tasty champignon is one of those small numbers.

The popular Egerling not only proves to be extremely versatile in culinary terms, but also convinces with a high nutrient and mineral content. In this respect, raw consumption even has a decisive advantage: Since many of these minerals are lost during heating, simple processing is much healthier. However, this also has a dark side. There is a high concentration of agaritin in mushrooms. This substance is not only problematic for people with an intolerance. It also makes the mushrooms difficult to digest for an intact intestine. If you want to avoid flatulence, you should therefore only eat small amounts of raw mushrooms and chew them well. In addition, researchers were able to prove in animal experiments on rats that there is an increased risk of cancer if the concentration of agaritin in the blood is too high.

Tip: If you want to eat mushrooms raw, you should clean them before preparing them, but do not rinse them with water. On the one hand, not only did the aroma and vitamins get lost, on the other hand, the mushroom also absorbed the liquid, which greatly reduced the taste. It is better to scrub the mushrooms with a brush.

Difference between brown and white mushrooms

Egerlinge are available in brown or white color. What the gardener chooses is ultimately a matter of taste. Both varieties are suitable for raw consumption. The white mushroom has a pleasantly nutty aroma, while the brown relative tastes rather strong.

Collect mushrooms from nature

… or rather canned mushrooms? This question also depends on the intended use and the taste of the gardener. Of course, fresh Egerlinge have much more aroma than the already processed version. The spicy aroma of some offers ultimately only testifies to additives and lots of added sugar. Since manufacturers usually heat canned mushrooms to kill germs and make them last longer, they hardly have any nutrients left. On the other hand, the agaritin content also decreases with this manufacturing process.

However, picking mushrooms in the forest or from the meadow is very dangerous. Only those who are familiar with the different varieties should be self-sufficient in this way. It is enough to know that mushrooms with a sponge are generally edible and those with lamellae are poisonous. Exceptionally , this rule does not apply to the Agaricus . It has no sponge that the collector could use as a guide. However, if the latter assesses it as a Egerling due to its external appearance, there is a great risk of confusing the avoidably edible spore plant with the highly poisonous death cap mushroom.

If you still want to do a well-informed search, you have to wait for the mushrooms in late summer and autumn. Edible Egerlinge from breeding culture, on the other hand, are available all year round. Due to their firm consistency, they can be used in more ways than canned mushrooms and are also low in calories and rich in nutrients. Eaten raw, they taste nice and crunchy. Pickled mushrooms are only a useful alternative if you are in a hurry.

This is how Agaricus becomes a pleasure raw

Although all parts of the Egerling are suitable for eating raw, it is advisable to clean the mushroom beforehand. Depending on the degree of ripeness, the stalk can taste dry and bland. The gardener should always remove bruises, as these cause a bitter or even rotten aroma. Raw brown or white mushrooms taste best in a simple salad. A cream cheese filling also gives the mushrooms that certain something. The previous small grating facilitates digestion.

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