Worms, maggots, larvae and other insects in the pool are disgusting and spoil the desire to jump into the refreshing water. However, there are some methods that can help individually or in combination.

landing net

Before you take any of the more or less drastic measures, you can also use the net to remove maggots, worms and other insects from your pool. For this you should use an extremely small-mesh so that no bugs literally get through the net. Whether this method is crowned with success, however, is doubtful. Because it is questionable whether you will actually catch all unwanted guests with the landing net. This not only applies to pools above a certain depth, as is often described, but also to pools above a certain size. Nevertheless, for prevention and for the optics, this method is definitely recommended.

care products and disinfectants

Pool care products and disinfectants change the water parameters in the pool, causing maggots and worms to die off. In order for the application to be successful and for you to be able to use the pool again afterwards, you must measure the water values ​​with a suitable test kit before adding the agents. Depending on the initial situation, the corresponding funds are then used. You should definitely follow the dosing instructions of the respective manufacturer. The target values ​​to be achieved are:

  • a pH between 7.0 and 7.6 as well
  • a chlorine value between 1.0 and 3.0.

Once you have put the product in the pool water, it needs a bit of patience. Because the pH value in the pool only levels off again after twelve hours. If the above target values ​​are reached, most of the uninvited guests should have disappeared from the pool.


The skimmer sucks dirt particles from the water surface. In this way, it deprives many insects of their food base. However, in order for the skimmer to perform this function, the skimmer screen must be cleaned regularly. Therefore, one method of getting rid of worms is to clean the skimmer screen. But be careful, to clean the skimmer you have to switch off the filter system.

Tip: Regular cleaning of the skimmer screen also serves to prevent infestation.

filter system

Another method to get rid of the vermin is to backwash the sand filter system. Backwash means that the direction of flow of the pool water is reversed. In addition, the filtration speed during backwashing is increased many times over. Both mean that dirt particles that stick to the filter material can escape. Once the filter material has been cleaned, the sand filter system should ensure clean water again.

Note: Since the effect of the filter sand is not unlimited despite regular backwashing, you should replace the sand every two to three years.

Pool vacuums and pool robots

Pool vacuums or robots work according to the vacuum cleaner principle, whereby pool vacuums usually have to be guided manually, while pool robots move around in the pool without help, similar to a robot lawn mower. Depending on the model, the dirt is transported to the filter system in a separate collection basket or by means of a hose. Since water and dirt particles are whirled up during vacuuming, they also end up in the filter system.

Note: In order for the whirled water to be cleaned, the filter system should function optimally.

combination of measures

In order to effectively remove the vermin, many experts recommend a combination of the following measures:

  • Cleansing the skimmer screen
  • Backwash of the filter system
  • Pool vacuum or robot
  • Use of care products and disinfectants

When combining these countermeasures, care products and disinfectants should only be used after the filter system has been backwashed, as this pool water is routed into the sewage system.

change pool water

If none of these methods work, the only solution left is to change the pool water. However, simply replacing the water is not enough. Because worms, maggots and larvae are stubborn and stick to the edge or bottom of the pool when the water is drained. Therefore, the entire pool must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after draining. This not only removes vermin and other dirt, but also prevents re-infestation.

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