Sun protection for windows does not always have to be expensive. Pleated blinds with suction cups are relatively inexpensive, but still functional and very decorative. In addition, handling is very simple. Experience reports can prove that.

Assembly without tools

In order to protect against high levels of solar radiation and the associated warming of a room, an expensive roller blind does not always have to be installed. The light and sun protection made of pleated blinds with a suction cup is quickly and effectively attached. Incidentally, it also offers protection from the prying eyes of dear neighbors. The production is carried out using a modern folding technique. This sun protection is available in different colors and dimensions, also from different manufacturers. It is attached using suction cups mounted on rails and can therefore be attached anywhere on the window. This pleated blind has advantages and also some disadvantages. They are briefly mentioned here. These can also be confirmed by buyers. Some testimonials later.

A good alternative to the suction cup are Sensuna pleated blinds with convenient clip attachment.

Advantages of the pleated blind

  • translucent but opaque
  • Room is not completely darkened
  • individually adjustable in height
  • use suction cups to do this
  • no swinging of the roller blind on tilted windows
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Attachment by pre-assembled suction cups
  • no drilling, no gluing
  • very decorative
  • traceless removal possible

Small cons

  • no individual reduction possible
  • precise measurement of the window necessary
Note: The pleated blind with suction cup is suitable for all living spaces. It can be used particularly well in rented apartments, as there is no damage when it is dismantled.

Do you have an unusual window size? No problem: Pleated blinds made to measure can be easily configured online.

measure correctly

Before buying a pleated blind with a suction cup, the window must be measured precisely because, as already mentioned, no individual reduction or other adjustments to the window are possible. To determine the width of the Roman blind, it is necessary to measure the glass width correctly. A firm tape measure such as a folding rule should be used for this. is measured

  • Order width: from left inner window frame to right inner window frame
  • Order height: from top to bottom inner window frame
Tip: In order for the suction cups to hold properly, they should be slightly moistened before attachment and the window must be properly cleaned beforehand.

Reviews from buyers

The following field reports were all quoted from original sources. These are original texts from different buyers. Some were more and others less satisfied with the product.

Note:  For reasons of better readability, small spelling mistakes (spaces, transposed letters, etc.) have been corrected in the quotations. The exact sources are linked under the indication of the respective page.

A customer from Munich October 28, 2018

Very good for the price

The blind keeps what it promises. Easy to put on and the suction cups hold up well. Unfortunately, you can’t pull it up and down, you have to reattach the suction cups if you want to slide the blind open. But that was actually clear. Totally ok for the price.


A customer from Lahr November 17th, 2020

Also sticks to roof windows

I was a bit skeptical at first as to whether it would hold up with a skylight, because there are no extra “roof window pleats”. But so far it has held up very well for 2 weeks, although the skylight is over a heater. I was wondering if the suction cups would hold up well. I’ve even adjusted the suction cups a few times because the sun was too blinding, but the suction cups still hold 🙂 The size also fitted well. In addition, I think it looks very nice (white color) and bright in the room. I’m glad that I found such a solution without screws and drilling 🙂


Katrin Z. from Oehrenstock 07.05.2018

Functional and practical

I use the pleated blind to protect the flowers from the strong sun in summer. Totally practical because it can be removed at any time and also protects against light when necessary. Just great!!


A customer from Hage 24.11.2020


Easy to attach, beautiful light protection with bright light transmission for a friendly, bright feel-good atmosphere. If suction cup comes loose, simply moisten and press again. Recommendation!


A customer from Neckarsulm 12.10.2020


I cannot recommend the pleat. The suction cups don’t hold up well. The suction cups have to be removed for each adjustment, which is totally impractical.


Jennifer G. aus Geestland 28.09.2020

The parts are great!

So anyone who can’t grow “normal” pleated blinds, buy them immediately! We bought two for our gazebo doors. Attachment very easy. The suction cups are rock solid! Even if you move the bowls, you don’t have any smudges!


Tobias D. 05/01/2020

Suction cup loosens

Although I thoroughly cleaned the glass pane and the suction cups with isopropanol beforehand, one of the suction cups does not stick properly and comes loose after just a few seconds/minutes.

This makes the pleated blind unusable for me. I cannot recommend the product if it otherwise makes a good impression. It would be nice if at least replacement suction cups were available from the manufacturer. Unfortunately this is not the case.


Michael Schlamp 05/21/1019

Always falls off when exposed to sunlight

The installation is very easy and done in a very short time. Basically, I would be very happy with the pleated blind if it didn’t keep falling off the pane. Although the pane has been freshly cleaned, the suction cups keep coming loose from the pane, especially when it is exposed to the sun, and the pleated blind then lies on the floor.


Janine 22.05.2019


Easy to attach with suction cups, but doesn’t hold at all.


Amazon customer 06/24/2020


Catastrophe!!! Suction cups don’t hold up at all, I’ll never buy something like that again, almost 30 € now end up in the garbage! […]


Ges. 01.01.2020

Good privacy protection, but not against brightness

The suction cups are good, but still occasionally come loose. But we didn’t want to damage the window frame and Klemmfix didn’t work because the window couldn’t be opened. It’s a good solution for that. Unfortunately, hardly any brightness blocks it. But sufficient as a visual protection.


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