Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) can be found in almost every household. The small, silvery, shimmering, light-avoiding animals evoke revulsion and disgust in many people. No problem: you want to get rid of and sell them as quickly as possible. But first you have to know the causes of the infestation before you can start fighting the silverfish. And if you then take a closer look at this group of insects, you will find that they are not as dangerous as you might think.

Find and prevent causes

Silverfish live in humid areas. They are therefore usually found in basements or bathrooms. For you, this means taking measures to prevent spread.

Ventilate thoroughly and regularly. The so-called shock ventilation is recommended here, which you should do two to three times a day. Ten minutes a day is already sufficient here.
Never dry your laundry in the living room or in the bathroom, because this is where unwanted moisture can collect and in turn provide an ideal habitat for silverfish.

Eliminate possible hiding spots for the little fish. It is important to know that they like to stay in cracks in wallpaper or in joints on the floor. Reattach loose pieces of wallpaper and seal cracks and crevices with silicone.

Tip: Fix structural defects in the basement and bathroom. Leaky windows and leaky roofs are usually the main cause of excessive moisture in buildings.

Cleanliness: Silverfish also feed on dander and hair. These in turn result in house dust mites. Thorough cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen and other damp rooms can therefore reduce the risk of occurrence.

Silverfish – a health risk?

Although silverfish do not look very pretty, they are by no means a health hazard. So far it is only known that the insects are material and hygiene pests. If the silverfish crawl open packages of food, this is not very appetizing from a hygienic point of view, but there is no danger to human health. Nevertheless, it should not be the case that insects are tolerated in your household. Even simple home remedies can work wonders.

Fight silverfish with home remedies

You don’t have to go straight to the chemical bludgeon. First try to fight the silverfish with home remedies and only if there is no success here should the topic of chemistry be used.

Baking powder and sugar
Mix both components and fill them into open gaps. The sweetness attracts the fishes as it is part of the natural diet. These eat the baking powder, which swells up inside them and finally successfully leads to their death.

Grate a potato and place it on some kitchen paper. This attracts the silverfish and you can then simply dispose of them.

Natural enemies
You can also bring the silverfish’s natural enemies into your home. This is the earworm . However, it would have to be considered here which of the little animals is probably more pleasant to bear.

Chemical control of silverfish

An alternative to home remedies would be chemical treatment. Here, for example, bait cans are suitable, which are provided with a toxic ingredient and lead to the death of the animals. But various sprays that you simply spray along the baseboards can also help. However, you should do this every three months. This is how you prevent a re-infestation.

Silicone or sticky traps are alternatives, although silicone is more of a preventive measure and should be used in any case.

As already mentioned, silicone is ideal for permanently closing open gaps and preventing insects from crawling out.

Sticky traps
These consist of a kind of glue base to which the small insects simply stick. These are attracted by certain scents or by feeding attractants. The advantage of these products – they are usually free of insecticides. However, when you buy it, make sure that it really does not contain any insecticides – small children or beloved pets will quickly come into contact with the sticky traps, and that the traps are suitable for use in damp rooms such as the bathroom. It is best to put them in a dark corner. You can buy these in any standard hardware store or any well-stocked drugstore.

Facts worth knowing

Even if silverfish are not exactly preferred subtenants, they are rather harmless. On the other hand, it becomes more difficult when the animals appear in large numbers, because then you should not hesitate and act quickly. Because then you not only have the certainty that your apartment is far too damp, there is also a risk of mold formation and you should take this seriously.

Try one of the tried-and-tested home remedies first, or get help and leave the fight against vermin to a specialist. In addition, it must be said that home remedies are much cheaper, in contrast to chemical agents. However, you have to add that if there are open cracks or joints, then you should invest the 10 euros and grab the safe silicone, because otherwise even the best home remedies and the best tips for ventilation will no longer help.

However, if you make an effort and prevent the silverfish through proper ventilation, i.e. take away the damp habitat, you will save a lot of trouble and, above all, a lot of money.

From my own experience, I can say that you can already achieve good results with daily airing. You will find out that no more of these little animals will settle and you will quickly get the “infestation” under control. Baking powder and sugar are good choices and usually get the results you want quickly. Generally speaking, home remedies are often sufficient, which I also prefer to use.

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