Succulents are succulent plants known for being easy to care for and hardy. Being survivors, they are good for beginners. We present the 15 most beautiful flowering species.

Flowering succulents as houseplants


  • very decorative
  • variegated bracts in red, pink or white
  • small-flowered in yellow
  • prickly plant stalk
Tip: The Christ’s thorn (Euphorbia milii) likes even moisture and thrives better with rainwater than with tap water.

Conophytum calculus

  • an exotic from South Africa
  • rounded plant body in gray or light green
  • yellow and orange flowers
  • these smell of cloves

The blooming succulent opens its flowers only at night. The blossoms break out of the plant body like a volcano.


  • very famous
  • small-flowered in pink, yellow, orange
  • very robust and easy to care for
  • likes partial shade

The flowers of the Echeveria agavoides are particularly evident in spring and early summer. A particularly beautiful variety is the Echeveria Afterglow with its lavender-colored flowers.

strawberry cactus

  • also called Ruby Ball
  • Cactus with a red flower
  • needs a bright location
  • no blazing midday sun in summer

The Gymnocalycium is also available in bright yellow. It can also be easily propagated by side grafts.

Flaming Katie

  • bright red flowers
  • high number of flowers
  • likes a bright spot
  • can go outdoors in summer
  • not hardy

More subtle types of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana are the Madagascar bell or the brood leaf. These bloom in pink, white or yellow.

wax flower

  • hanging succulents
  • floriferous
  • Sort: Hoya carnosa, Hindu rope
  • white to pale pink flower clusters of small, star-shaped flowers
  • dense, twisted and cupped waxy leaves
  • needs a lot of light and little water
Idea: The long rope-like strands of leaves are particularly decorative in a hanging basket.

whip cactus

  • hanging succulent with drooping shoots
  • Flowering time from March to June
  • Strong pink long flowers
  • Shoots can grow up to three meters long
  • likes a lot of sun
Note: If you have the opportunity, you can bring the Disocactus flagelliformis outside in summer. In the winter, however, he has to go into the house in any case.

desert rose

  • reminiscent of a wild rose
  • evergreen with red or pink flowers
  • poisonous milky juice
  • withstands the blazing sun well
  • very sensitive to frost
Note: The desert rose (Adenium ) belongs to the dogbane family (Apocynaceae). These include the oleander and milkweed.

Flowering succulents as garden plants

Garden Yucca

  • hardy
  • white bell flowers
  • large blooms in midsummer
  • Inflorescences up to two meters high
  • is also called filamentous palm lily
Note: The garden yucca (Yucca filamentosa ) only shows its flowers two to three years after planting out. It needs a full sun location.


  • succulent
  • small, star-shaped white flowers
  • pretty tough
  • likes sun

The money tree (Crassula) is also a popular houseplant. Crassula sarcocaulis is a hardy variety.


  • very well known succulent
  • beautiful leaf rosettes of different sizes
  • pretty tough
  • red, yellow or white flowers
  • perfect for the rock garden or wall planting

The Dolomite houseleek is particularly undemanding. However, it still convinces as a flowering species with red colored flowers.

Ice Plant Plant

  • different varieties
  • partially hardy
  • bright flower colors in purple, pink, yellow, red or mixed
  • blooms from May to October
  • Toxicity is scientifically discussed

The Delosperma has its German name of midday flower because its sea of ​​flowers only opens at midday in full sun. There are hardy and non-hardy varieties. Hardy species include Red Fire, Indian summer, Fire Spinner, African Queen, and Golden Nugget.

Spicy stonecrop

  • bright yellow flowers
  • blooms in June and July
  • very hardy
  • cushion-forming groundcover
Tip: The Sedum acre is perfect for rock gardens as it likes it very dry and sunny.

wax begonias

  • can be planted in the shade and in the sun
  • high resistance
  • bloom from early summer to frost
  • Flower colors are white, red and pink

The wax begonia cannot stay outside in winter. You can overwinter the root ball in a box with peat, sand or newspaper in a cool and dark place and replant it in spring.

White sedum

  • Flowering period from June to August
  • very decorative
  • many small white flowers
  • smells very good
  • attracts butterflies and bees

The Sedum album likes it sunny and can therefore be planted in full sun without any problems. It is also called white stonecrop.

frequently asked Questions

The main feature of this plant species is that the plants of this genus can store water in their green plant parts. This property makes them so easy to care for and robust. In botany, a distinction is made between leaf, root and stem succulents.

All cacti are succulents. In addition, there are other succulent plants that are not cacti. The cactus is the best-known representative of the succulents.

In most cases, the succulent plants love full sun. They are good at compensating for dryness thanks to their storage function. In the wild, the plants are at home in dry highlands, deserts and steppes.

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