Welcome to a journey through the fairytale realm of hardy pot roses. Immerse yourself in a hand-picked selection of opulent varieties that love to display their picturesque blooms in pots. A whole host of top-class roses combine reliable frost hardiness with a lavish abundance of flowers and an enchanting fragrance. Discover here recommended fragrant roses & Co. for pot culture.

Which rose types ennoble the bucket?

Bedding and shrub roses are predestined for cultivation in tubs. Both types of roses are characterized by compact, bushy growth and lush flowers, so that they feel at home in rose beds as well as in pot gardens. The focus is on small shrub and dwarf roses that remain at a height of less than 100 centimeters.

Picturesque stem roses are highly valued as pot plants. This is the grafting of beautiful bed and shrub roses as a crown on a stable stem and not a specific class of roses.

Tip: Roses thrive as deep roots. Pay special attention to this property when choosing the bucket. With a height of at least 50 centimeters and a diameter of 35 to 40 centimetres, pot roses have exactly the right volume for vital growth and royal blooms.

Fragrant roses – beguilingly beautiful in the tub

When fragrant roses hold court in the tub, opulent blooms and seductive perfume unite. Almost all classes of roses provide the hobby gardener with fragrant varieties with an upright, bushy habit and limited height growth. The following selection names the most beautiful flower queens for pot culture:

Constanze Mozart

Nostalgically shaped, pastel-colored rose petals invigorate the senses with a superlative fragrance experience. The top note is sparkling and champagne-like, rounded off with the intense flair of lemony verbena. When the blossoms of the floribunda are fully open, a bouquet of ripe Mirabelle plums, sweet plums and juicy apricots emerges. You don’t need your own garden to enjoy this fragrance experience. A sunny, warm location and large tubs are enough for this hardy rose, so that the rosy homage to Constanze Mozart is presented with graceful grace.

  • Flower color: powdery to cream-colored
  • Growth height: 60 to 80 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering


The perfume queen among the yellow roses takes her time until the early evening to unfold her furious bouquet. The wait is worth it, because you are surrounded by an intoxicating, mystical-oriental scent of iris, patchouli, jasmine and ylang-ylang, accompanied by a green note of freshly cut boxwood. Fruity notes of apple, lychee, vanilla and apricot draw you in as the flowering period progresses. It’s a good thing that Friesia is one of the hardy roses with the ability to be grown in tubs.

  • Flower color: bright yellow
  • Growth height: 60 to 80 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

Garden Princess Marie-José

With a fresh, fruity bouquet, the fragrant rose announces itself from afar, long before you can admire the densely filled pom-pom blossoms. The seductive top note is reminiscent of juicy-sweet raspberries and the scent of ripe rhubarb. Earthy patchouli note completes the fragrance experience. So much noble sensuality in the form of roses should not be missing in this selection.

  • Flower color: pink-red
  • Growth height: 60 to 80 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

Rose de Resht

The historic rose is one of the legendary Damask roses with unsurpassed fragrance development. Dense, rainproof pompom flowers open as early as the end of May, followed by two to three more seductively scented blooms. The nostalgic rose spoils fine gardeners’ noses with its wonderful perfume well into autumn. Since its premiere in 1950, the fragrant rose has impressed with its extreme hardiness, upright, bushy growth and good leaf health, which makes it an excellent choice for containers.

  • Flower color: crimson
  • Growth height: 60 to 100 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

Rosengräfin Marie Henriette

Rose gardeners with a penchant for spicy scents will love this premium floribunda. A spicy hint of myrrh, liquorice and anise acts as the base body for the classic rose scent. The heart note is joined by the fresh scent of apples, which over the course of the flowering period overlays the spicy aspect and underscores the fruity character. Rosengräfin Marie Henriette achieves maximum fragrance intensity in the bucket from midday on in a sunny, not too hot location.

  • Flower color: pink
  • Growth height: 60 to 80 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering
Note: Hardy roses in tubs are vulnerable to severe frost. The root ball is not nearly as well protected behind the container walls as it is deep in the garden soil. With a winter coat made of sheep’s wool, garden fleece and coconut mats for the bucket, the flower queens are well-armed against the bitter cold. A wooden foot prevents frost from breaking through into the substrate from below.

Bed roses – kind to the tub

Under the heading bed roses, rose varieties that bloom like fairy tales come together, which rarely exceed a plant height of 100 centimeters suitable for pots. This type of rose is characterized by lush flowers that gather in dense umbels and almost completely cover the foliage. The lavish abundance of flowers is sometimes at the expense of the intensity of the fragrance, which of course does not detract from the spectacular appearance in the bucket.

Garden of Roses

When asking famous rose growers for a recommended bedding rose for the tub, the name “Garden of Roses” promptly came up. The rose has already received several awards and bears the ADR rating for above-average beauty and leaf health. In view of the long list of beneficial attributes, the devotion is not surprising. Nostalgic flowers with a diameter of up to 7 centimetres, compact, bushy growth, a delicate fragrance and stable frost hardiness characterize the floral jewel.

  • Flower color: cream-pink
  • Growth height: 50 to 60 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering


Here, the name speaks for itself. The delightful floribunda transforms any planter into an island of opulence with countless, densely filled flowers. From the beginning of summer until the first frost, the tried and tested variety shines in a colorful flower dress. Hobby gardeners appreciate that the plant simply drops wilted flowers and shortly thereafter sprout fresh ones. A good-natured pruning tolerance also allows newcomers among the rose gardeners to train as a standard for the tub on the balcony and terrace.

  • Flower color: pink
  • Growth height: 60 to 100 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

Beautiful woman from Koblenz

This noble beauty trumps with the fascinating property of changing flower colour. When it’s cold, the double flowers shine in a medium red with a creamy-white center. When the temperatures rise, the flower color changes to a soft pink with a creamy-white centre. The variety is also characterized by compact, dense growth, coupled with good leaf health. Aesthetes among rose gardeners appreciate that this hardy rose blooms particularly cleanly in the tub.

  • Flower Color: Medium red to pink with a creamy white center
  • Growth height: 40 to 60 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering


The densely bushy floribunda with its lush, double flowers competes with the sun to shine. Its special elegance is expressed when bright yellow flowers contrast with shiny green leaves. The lavishly filled flowers reach a diameter of up to 6 centimetres, making a pot an unmissable eye-catcher on the balcony and terrace. Since Solero’s leaf health does not depend on the use of chemicals, the variety received the coveted ADR rating in 2009.

  • Flower color: lemon yellow
  • Growth height: 65-70 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

Small shrub roses – fond of pot culture

Conventional shrub roses stretch up to 3 meters into the sky, much too big for the tub. This does not apply to small shrub roses or dwarf roses with a maximum height of 1 meter. The following varieties are characterized by tightly upright growth and an abundance of flowers, ideal for keeping in containers.

Flirt 2011

The charismatic dwarf rose wins awards worldwide for its willingness to bloom, leaf health and harmonious silhouette. These include the ADR predicate (Recognized German Rose) and the title “Most Beautiful Rose of Buenos Aires”. Reason enough to reserve a place in the bucket at the sun-drenched location.

  • Flower color: soft pink
  • Growth height: 40 to 50 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

snow kisses

The striking miniature rose “Schneekusschen” comes from the Lilliputs collection of the highly respected breeder W. Kordes and Sons. The picturesque beauty owes its name to the pure white, bulging flowers. Annoying diseases such as black spot or powdery mildew are a foreign word for the robust variety, which makes it a promising candidate for the ADR rating. Until then, modern breeding will inspire with tireless blooms from summer to the beginning of winter.

  • Flower color: white
  • Growth height: 30 to 40 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

Summer of Love

This premium variety doesn’t just stop at a one-off, beautiful rose summer love. Thanks to reliable frost resistance, “Summer of Love” repeats its blossom symphony year after year. The two-tone bowl-shaped flowers achieve a whopping 7 centimeters in diameter and are a popular destination for bees, bumblebees and butterflies in the bucket. The gently fragrant small shrub rose should not be missing in the design plan for the creative nectar garden on the balcony or terrace.

  • Flower color: red and yellow
  • Growth height: 60 to 80 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

White Roadrunner

In the natural, insect-friendly garden, roses with simple flowers are very popular. The small shrub rose “White Roadrunner” is useful as a bee pasture and decorative pot decoration with a floral scent. Furthermore, the proven variety is certified as reliable winter hardiness and best leaf health.

  • Flower color: white
  • Growth height: 50 cm
  • Flowering frequency: repeat-flowering

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