The holiday season can be a big burden for some houseplants because they need regular watering. But that’s no problem, because this life hack will help you with that: you can easily build a holiday watering system with a cord yourself.

Holiday watering made easy

The holiday season may be the best time of the year, but it can quickly become a challenge for indoor plants . They also need their regular watering during this time. Even after a few days without water, the flowers can become damaged. Those who can rely on the help of neighbors, relatives or acquaintances do not have to worry about the well-being of their plants. However, even without outside help, the indoor flowers do not have to die of thirst during the holiday.

There are various ways to provide them with the necessary “wet”. Holiday watering with a cord works well, because you can easily build this life hack yourself. However, this requires some accessories such as

thick cords

These have the task of transporting the water to the respective plants. If the soil dries out, the plant draws water through the cord. Not every kind of thick thread or cord can be used for this, because they have to be able to soak up water. Thick cords made of natural materials such as

  • Wool
  • hemp or
  • cotton

One string is required per pot. With thinner threads, several should be twisted together well before use so that a thick cord is formed. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of braiding several threads into a thicker braid. The water holding power is highest here.

Note: Under no circumstances should synthetically produced wool or other synthetic threads be used, as they do not conduct water.

Generously dimensioned water tank

Of course, a container for water should not be missing. This should not be too small, because the plants should be well supplied with water until the end of the holiday. The size depends on various factors such as

  • Number of indoor plants to be watered
  • Water requirements of the individual flowers
  • Length of vacation and
  • prevailing temperature at the location

It is advisable to count on a water requirement of between two and three liters per plant and week. This should be taken into account when considering the size of the water tank.

Tip: In the case of cacti and other thick-leafed plants, all you need to do before you go on vacation is to thoroughly immerse the root ball in water until no more air bubbles rise. The plants are then well supplied with water for two to three weeks.

Other materials

In addition to strings and water tanks, other materials are required for this DIY holiday irrigation system

  • one nut per thread
  • alternatively small pebbles
  • Stool or box to raise the water container

choose location

Of course, the location of the holiday irrigation should not be forgotten. There are two different options:

  1. 1. either all plants are brought to a common place or
  2. 2. each individual flower stays where it is.

The latter method is a bit more labor intensive. Therefore, all plants to be watered should be collected in one place. However, the location must be chosen carefully. Various factors must be taken into account:

  • sufficient light
  • no blazing sun, otherwise the need for water will increase
  • Place ” sun worshipers ” in the immediate vicinity of the window
  • with other plants keep enough window distance
  • choose a bright room with cooler temperatures

This watering method is mainly suitable for indoor plants. Such an installation is only possible to a limited extent on the balcony or terrace, as there is usually strong sunlight here. The plants there should therefore be brought indoors or a different watering method should be chosen.

Instructions for assembly

Setting up the holiday irrigation is usually not very difficult. However, a few things have to be taken into account so that it works properly later and the plants do not receive too little, but also not too much water. First, the flowers should be watered sufficiently. The substrate must be well moistened. Otherwise, soil that is too dry would absorb too much water right from the start.

Once that’s done, you can set it up step by step:

  • Arrange plants in a circle
  • close together
  • but must not touch
  • Place the water container in the middle
  • should stand elevated on a stool or box
  • about 10 cm above the flower pots
  • Cut cords to appropriate length
  • a string for each pot
  • Dip the cords in water, soak well
  • weigh one end of the thread down with a nut or small stone
  • place this end in water container
  • must reach the ground
  • Stick the other end of the thread into the ground halfway down the pot
  • should be close to the root
  • Fill the water tank with stale water
  • stretch cords
  • must not sag

It is important that the cords are not in the sun, otherwise they would dry out before the water reached the plant. Furthermore, the addition of liquid fertilizer should be avoided, as this stimulates growth and thus the water requirement increases.

Tip: It is advisable to test the irrigation system a few days before the start of your vacation. In this way it can be checked whether it also works in the long term and the water requirements of the plants can be determined.

frequently asked Questions

Yes, this lifehack is also do-it-yourself. 1.5 liter pressure-resistant PET or glass bottles are required. One or two small holes are pierced in the lid with the roulade needle. The bottle is then filled with water and sealed. It is then placed upside down in the substrate of the flower pot.

Such a “root bath” is not recommended. Waterlogging would inevitably occur, the roots would begin to rot and in most cases the plants would die. It would be possible to use a plastic bathtub. The floor is laid out a few centimeters high with expanded clay and filled with water at this height. The plants would then pull the water out of the soaked expanded clay.

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