Pepper plants are easy to grow from seed, but it’s not always easy. The germination time can vary greatly and is mainly dependent on the right temperature. How to germinate pepper seeds.

Pepper sowing

Paprika (Capsicum) is a popular vegetable, which can also be grown well in the garden or in a greenhouse . Outdoors and cold greenhouses, however, the pepper plants are not hardy and must be replanted or sown every year. There is the possibility of direct sowing or the plants are preferred. When direct sowing in the garden, it often happens that the fruits of the pepper plant can no longer ripen before it gets too cold again.


Basically, the pepper seed germinates at any time of the year. However, it is only worth sowing peppers when it is later warm enough for the plants in the garden. Mostly in February or March the pre-planting begins, then the plants can go outdoors in mid-May.


Pepper seeds germinate in any normal garden soil , but the right substrate should have the following properties:

  • as free as possible of weed seeds, fungi or germs
  • low in nutrients
  • loose and permeable
  • without vermin
Note: You are on the safe side with special growing soil or herbal soil.

germination time

Sweet peppers germinate somewhat difficult. In the best case, the first leaves will be visible after a few days. In the worst case, it can take more than 3 weeks. On average it takes about 10 days for the pepper seeds to germinate .

germination temperature

The right temperature has a significant influence on the germination time. The cooler it is, the longer it takes. If the location is too cold, the seed will not germinate at all. Room temperature is quite good, a few degrees more would be even better. These prevail, for example, on an aquarium cover if the lighting still consists of tubes. A good spot is also directly above the heater on the window sill. Any waste heat is good for the pepper seeds.


Peppers germinate in the dark , so care is taken when sowing that the seed is covered with soil. So it is not necessary to choose a bright location right from the start, warmth is more important. However, if the cotyledons are visible, the young plant needs a lot of light. A south-facing window is even suitable if the midday sun is kept out by suitable shading. If there is too much sun, the young plants will dry out.

accelerate germination

There are few methods to speed up the germination of pepper seeds. More heat is one of them. More options:

  • Increase humidity: Cover seeds with foil or use special hoods
  • Pre-treat seed: Soak pepper seeds in warm water about 24 hours before sowing
Tip: An indoor greenhouse in a partially shaded location is very suitable for growing pepper plants.

frequently asked Questions

It’s actually possible. The seeds are removed anyway when processing sweet peppers in the kitchen. Then simply let it dry and store it dry. However, it is usually uncertain what kind of pepper will grow from this seed. Organic peppers, which are usually firm to seeds, are particularly suitable.

This only makes sense if the pepper is a seed-resistant variety. With hybrid strains, even if the seeds germinate, the outcome is uncertain. Completely different plants can develop.

This is possible and makes sense if you don’t want to grow new plants from seeds every year. The plants also like it warm in winter and must not be too wet because the roots rot quickly.

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