The Weigela (Weigela) impresses with its blooms in white, red, pink, purple, yellow or mixed tones. The right location is crucial for the robust plant to thrive and bloom well.

Lots of light

The Weigela is a honeysuckle plant from East Asia. There are many different varieties of the plant, but they all have one thing in common: they need a lot of light. A location in the open air in full sun is therefore highly recommended. There are also varieties that can cope with a little less light in partial shade, but: the less light, the fewer flowers will form. The plant therefore only achieves its opulent bloom in full sun.

Note: If only very few flowers form on the Weigela, this is an indication of too little light. You should then think about a change of location.

Enough space

In addition to the lighting conditions, sufficient space is also a decisive factor when choosing a location. The Weigela can increase in size by up to 50 centimeters per year. If the plant is to grow unhindered, it should therefore have sufficient space (about 150 centimeters) available. However, it can also be cut back at will. The maximum height and width of the weigela is up to 3.00 meters. It can therefore also serve as a wonderful privacy screen. Harmonious neighbors for the honeysuckle plant are:

Idea: Combinations of the Weigela with the plants mentioned result in a colorful hedge as a privacy screen that can be easily trimmed.

The right floor

So that the Weigela can grow well and nourish its flowers well, it needs nutritious soil. A pH of 6.3 to 6.8 is ideal. The weigela must not dry out, so the soil should always be slightly moist. In very hot dry phases, you should therefore also water the plant outdoors. However, waterlogging should not occur. A permeable, loose soil is therefore recommended. Regular fertilizing or mulching ensures that there are always sufficient nutrients in the soil and thus for healthy growth.

Tip: If the soil at the desired location is too firm, it can be loosened up with sand or fine gravel.

Weigela in the bucket

The colorful hedge plant can also be kept in a bucket. Varieties that are slightly smaller and do not show strong growth are well suited for this. This applies, for example, to the “Nana Variegata” variety. On the balcony or terrace, you can add a decorative dash of color with the plant. However, the same applies here: the plant needs a lot of sun. You should be able to offer the Weigela an appropriate location. The same conditions as outdoors are decisive for the substrate in the bucket:

  • nutritious
  • permeable
  • slightly damp
Note: A weigela in a tub should be transplanted about every two years and fertilized regularly.

frequently asked Questions

The weigela in the garden does not necessarily need winter protection. The plant is hardy and can withstand sub-zero temperatures. Frost protection from leaves or brushwood cannot do any harm, especially with young plants. A container plant can also remain outdoors, but must be protected from too much rain and thus moisture. A warm pad under the planter protects the plant from too much ground frost.

A change of location is not necessary. Once planted, the Weigela can remain in its place throughout. If you want to change location for other reasons, you should do so while the weigela is still young enough. Up to the age of about four years, she usually tolerates a move well. After that, she copes with it much worse.

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