Many people find spiders disgusting and the fact that they are useful is of no use to the creepy-crawlies. You have to get away, if you can, quickly and without seeing you again. Now there are numerous methods to get rid of arachnids, humane or not so humane, mechanical, biological and chemical, more or less dangerous. It needs to be checked whether the effort and excitement is worth it. Actually, our native spiders are completely harmless, you can let them do as they please. For those who cannot do this, we have found ways to get rid of spiders in the house and on the balcony. Inform yourself!

Profile of native spider species

Large Angle Spider – 18 to 20 mm in size, dark brown

  • Distinguished by solid color legs, twice as long as body
  • Eight eyes of equal size
  • funnel network

house angle spider

  • Up to 15 mm in size and lighter brown
  • It can be recognized by its breastplate, which has a mark in the middle
  • Legs indistinctly ringed or spotted

Rostrote Winkelspinne

  • Up to 14 mm in size and somewhat reddish
  • Rust-red coloring, especially on the abdomen
  • Lives near the ground

wall angle spider

  • Up to 17 mm in size, but quite rare in our latitudes
  • legs three times as long
  • Ground color reddish-brown

Anti-spider remedies

Smart people researched it. About 300 spiders live in every household, mostly unnoticed, but still present. They love the warmth and dryness of our homes and there is a real run in autumn when it gets cooler and everyone is looking for a cozy place to spend the winter. Some are removed when cleaning, especially the spiders living in the nets on the ceilings and in the corners are removed with the vacuum cleaner. In the next week, however, a new spider took over the place because it was simply ideal and such places are rare. So what can you do?

Actually, you can let them have their way, because they are harmless. Unlike on other continents, our Central European spider species are completely harmless. They are even useful because they catch unwanted mosquitoes. However, most people just find spiders gross. you have to go In principle it’s easy. You suck them away, but that’s not enough for some and too much for others. So what can you do?

prevent spiders

Prevention is always better than cure. So you should try everything to prevent the spiders from entering the house. Window screens are a great way to prevent this, and they’re not just effective against spiders. The more windows and doors in the house or apartment that are fitted with fly screens, the fewer spiders you will have, provided they are installed properly.

  • Fly screens are available for all windows.
  • They can also be adjusted for difficult windows.
  • Only skylights sometimes make it difficult or are not so easy to equip.
  • The cheapest are the fly screens in discounters, where they are regularly offered in the spring.
  • You can also have them made by a specialist, but this costs significantly more, but also offers some advantages.
  • The fly screens are practical, where the net can be pushed up or to the side in opposite rails like a roller blind, otherwise the frames are stuck on the window and you can no longer lean out or water flowers on the windowsill.
  • Many people hang lavender sachets in their windows because spiders don’t like the smell. However, these are not nearly as secure as fly screens. But many spiders don’t let themselves be disturbed in this way.
  • Scented candles are also said to help, just like against mosquitoes, but the effect is rather doubtful.
  • There are also devices available on the market that you plug into the socket and emit a high-pitched sound there. Only the spider hears or feels it, we humans don’t. Spiders probably don’t like this sound and run away. Nobody has really explained that to the spiders in our utility room. You feel very comfortable there.
Tip: It is important to seal all cracks with silicone, because spiders can make themselves very small and crawl through the smallest crack. All the fly screens are useless if there are gaps everywhere. One is enough. In addition, the grilles should not be dismantled in the fall just to let a little more light in. It is precisely at this time that the spiders are looking for us because it is warm and dry. The grilles should remain on the window until the first hard frost.

method for animal lovers

If you don’t want to kill the spiders, you can also catch and relocate them. It’s easy, but is more suitable for people who are not disgusted, because you have to get close to the crawling animals. Simply put a glass or other container over the spiders, slide a piece of paper between the glass and the wall (or whatever) and remove the container and the paper. Then you can put them back in a more suitable place, but be careful, the insects have a great sense of direction and will quickly make their way home. The new quarters should therefore be at least 30 m away.

  • Spider dusters, so-called “spider catchers”, are great for getting spiders out of high corners or the ceiling. You can shake them out in the open and release the spider again.
  • However, you have to be careful when picking it up so that the spider is not flattened.

The vacuum cleaner method

The most tolerable method for many spider haters is to remove the crawling animals with a vacuum cleaner. But it’s also pretty much the most torturous for the spider. She’s slowly choking. That’s why it’s more humane to slay the annoying insects, it’s painless and quick. Then they can also be sucked away.

Many people with arachnophobia are afraid that the spiders will come out of the vacuum cleaner again. The backflow flap prevents this. However, not all of these have suction cups. The bag should then be emptied.

Tip: If you want to kill the spider quickly or prevent it from crawling out, you have to hold the nozzle shut a few times with your hand when the vacuum cleaner is running at full power. The animals die from the sudden strong negative pressure.

Anti-spider remedies

Of course, the industry knows about many people’s fear of spiders and has turned it into a business. Trouble is, many don’t work, and the ones that do work are quite the chemical bludgeon, utterly overkill for a small arachnid. You have to think carefully about which is more important, kill the spiders as soon as possible or, for the sake of you and your family, wait until someone can remove the animal.

  • Insect sprays – there are a wide variety of products on the market. Here you can only buy by feel. A remedy that, once sprayed, is supposed to help against spiders for 3 months cannot be harmless.
  • PISTAL – pure natural insecticide, active ingredient: chrysanthemum extract, is broken down very quickly, can even be used in organic farms, 200 ml spray about 10 €
  • BAMBULE insect spray – active ingredients: neem extract, lavandin oil, is a repellent, does not kill, not very effective according to customer opinions, 200 ml about 12 €
  • Yachticon Anti Spider Spray – active ingredient permethrin (chemical active ingredient, no longer approved as a plant protection agent), kills after spraying, acts quickly, the natural fragrance contained prevents resettlement, 500 ml around 15 €
  • Quiko Ardap vermin spray – the active ingredients are: permethrin, pyrethrins (from natural pyrethrum) piperonyl butoxide, very effective, smells very unpleasant, quite a chemical mace, 750 ml about 10€
  • Beaphar Protecto Fogger Nebulizer – active ingredients: permethrin and pyriproxyfen, actually recommended against fleas, but also works against spiders and other insects, long-term effect up to 6 months, 200 ml around 10 €
  • Bayer special spray – active ingredients: imiprothrin (pyrethroid = synthetic insecticide) and cyphenothrin (pyrethroid), against insects in general, is sprayed on the hiding places, works up to 6 weeks, 400 ml around 13 €
  • Raid Paral Insect Spray – Ingredients: Tetramethrin (chemical compound from the pyrethroid group), d-phenothrin (pyrethroids), allethrin (pyrethroids), according to the manufacturer dangerous for the environment and dangerous for children, pets and sensitive people, 4 x 400 ml spray bottles about 12 €
  • Ultrasonic devices against insects
  • Gardigo – spider repellent plug – works through ultrasound, per plug 25m², each about 10 €
  • Weitech WK0523 Ultrasonic Repellent – works not only against insects, but also against mice, up to a room size of 45 m², with LED light, about 18 €

Spiders on the balcony

Spiders on the balcony are useful as they catch mosquitoes. If you still can’t live with them, you have to kill, move or suck them away using one of the methods described above. In order not to let them gain a foothold in the first place, you can distribute lavender plants in balcony boxes and tubs or in individual flower pots. We have a lot of lavender around the house, but we also have spiders. It’s kind of normal and you can’t get rid of them all anyway. Better to get involved with them! Spiders are also a sign that it is comfortably warm and dry, otherwise there would be silverfish, beetles, flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the most active time for spiders, when are they drawn into houses and apartments?
It’s definitely autumn and it’s not because of the weather. It is the time when the males swarm out to mate. They usually do this in the evening and at night and are therefore not noticed by us at all. They flee when humans come near or turn on the light.

Can you get rid of spiders permanently?
No, because where they like it, they keep coming back. Even with insect nets in front of windows and doors, ultrasonic plugs in every room, spiders always find a way. Where there is a healthy indoor climate, they settle again and again. Spiders are actually proof that everything is right with our house or apartment climate.

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