Having a mole in your garden means very good soil. The uninvited guest also rids him of vermin and makes him even better. The soil of the hill is of the very best quality. Actually, one should be grateful, but who is.

Now you have to know that the little digger is under nature protection and must not be injured or even killed. You can, however, annoy him, that is, spoil his stay. Mole control works best with noise and smells, i.e. noise and stench. But you have to think about your own ears and nose. After all, noise bothers us too and our noses are also sensitive.

Evict permanently?

There’s a reason a mole took up residence. He likes it, he feels comfortable in his territory. The soil is healthy, there is enough food. No matter how you manage to get rid of the little animal, there is hardly any way you can protect yourself from the next mole moving in soon. Where one likes it, it is obvious that another will like it too. The only thing that helps is to concrete the garden over. Of course you can also fence in the garden underground, but that’s probably a life’s work.

Drive away mole with noise

A mole has poor eyesight, but his other senses are particularly well developed. He has very sensitive hearing. This can be used to combat moles if you want to drive them away permanently. You don’t really have to make any noise. Even tones that are barely audible or imperceptible to us disturb it. However, work must be done across the board! However, moles get used to certain disturbances very quickly and then ignore them.

The following sounds are well suited:

  • Children playing
  • Dogs circling
  • Bottles that have had their bottoms removed and that are placed at an angle in the mole tunnel with the narrow opening facing upwards. If the wind blows over their necks, it creates subterranean sounds that disturb the mole.
  • Metal bars that need to be hit with a metal hammer. The sound produced spreads underground.
  • Squeaking wind turbines (we hear them too)
  • Mole deterrent (trade) creates vibrations in the ground, which are perceived as very annoying (solar and battery powered)
  • Many devices are not waterproof or break quickly.
  • Loudspeakers, packed waterproof in a metal box, connected to a radio, buried in the corridor system
  • Horses, but not everyone can put them in the garden.
  • Anything that causes vibration and loud noise.

Repel mole with smells

Like hearing, moles have a very well developed sense of smell. Stink bothers him a lot. With all good will, however, you have to remember that we too have a sensitive nose. Some of the deterrents are also perceived by our human nose. You should be careful with smells, especially in the vicinity of our permanent residence!

Effective are:

  • Imperial crown bulbs – you won’t find a mole near them.
  • lily bulbs or tubers
  • Fish heads stuck in the hills and passages.
  • Agents such as “vole and mole repellent” from NaturGut (pollutant-free and biodegradable)
  • buttermilk and whey
  • Essential oils and rags soaked in turpentine
  • Heavily over-fertilized lawn helps against moles, but has other disadvantages.
  • Better then are elderflowers, which you boil, let ferment for several days and then pour into the aisles and hills.
  • Other strong-smelling broths can also be used in this way
  • Also garlic broth.
  • Dog, cat or human droppings spread in the corridors and hills
  • Really spicy horseradish, either cut up as a root or as a brew.

alternative options

There are, of course, other ways to combat moles. Like the ones mentioned above, nothing works 100% and hardly anything works the first time. Only persistence pays off. You always have to stay on the ball, repeat the actions. It is important not to hurt the little animals, even if you find them annoying.

  • Flatten molehills again and again. You have to be persistent about it. in the long run the mole finds this annoying.
  • Live Mole Trap – round tube placed in the passage. Best used with bait (earthworm).
  • About 3 traps for 1,000 m square meter are usually sufficient.
  • Risk of trap for the mole – already 10 to 14 hours without food leads to the painful death of the animal.
  • That’s why you need a permit for these traps!


Anyone who wants to prevent a mole from settling in the garden has a lot to do. Securing the garden is complex and, depending on the size, expensive. Apart from digging in tightly all around, you can of course also make the earth unattractive. Rocky, stony gardens with extremely heavy soil are absolutely not popular with moles.

  • Make the garden completely mole-free.
  • All you have to do is enclose the entire garden with a close-meshed fence about 50 cm deep.
  • Laying out floor mats at a maximum depth of 40 cm is just as time-consuming. These prevent the mole from digging.
  • You can also compact the soil with a roller so that it becomes uninteresting for the nimble digger to settle down.

The mole is a cute fellow who likes to settle in the garden. Actually, one should be glad about it, because where he lives, there is good soil and he makes it even better. Unfortunately, most garden owners see things differently. So if the mole needs to go away, the best way for him to drive it away is with noise or a smell. It often takes experimentation to find a good mole control agent or method, but good things take time. Of course, there are also very rough options, but I won’t recommend them. I like the little animals, although I have to admit that I haven’t had any in the garden yet, only my neighbor 🙂

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