The common adder head, also called natter head, was often used in natural medicine in the past. He has done a particularly good job with adder bites. Today it is mainly cultivated as an ornamental plant. If you like blue flowers and have dry soil in the garden, this adder head is ideal, especially since it requires extremely little attention. A sunny location, dry, poor soil and some water to grow is sufficient for the plants. Then they can do just fine on their own. Read what you need to know about the adder heads in the following text.


  • Echium vulgare – also called Blauer Natterkopf or Blauer Heinrich
  • A total of around 40 species of natterheads
  • Predator family
  • Relatives of boretsch and comfrey
  • Biennial or perennial herbaceous plant
  • Frequent flower by the wayside
  • Occurs all over Germany
  • 25 to 100 cm high
  • Stiff bristles on stem and leaves
  • Flowering from May to October
  • Flowers first male, later female
  • Flower color – first pink to purple, later blue to sky blue
  • The funnel-shaped corolla tube with uneven tips is typical
  • Has a taproot
  • Good bee pasture
  • Used in herbal medicine, but rarely

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