Which flower can move into your garden next? One with beautiful flowers? One with strong color accents? Or would you prefer one that carries the scent of summer? If this decision is difficult for you, choose a plant that brings all these things with you: the lily. But which of the hardy varieties should it be?

Asian Hybrid

Asiatic hybrids are crosses of different Asiatic lilies. The species created in this way are extremely easy to care for. During their main flowering period in July, they impress with great flowers. These are characterized by brilliant colors and are shaped differently depending on the variety. Varieties with double flowers can also be found among them. Below are some varieties that are considered to be particularly hardy:

  • Cancun offers a color spectrum from yellow to red and is hardy
  • Grand Cru produces yellow flowers with a brown heart
  • Kushy Maya opens 25 cm large and lovely scented flowers
  • Mapira with burgundy red, fragrant flower heads
  • Monte Negro: many deep orange buds develop on strong stems
  • Netty’s Pride is a creation of white, red, black and orange
  • Spring Pink is winter hardy and its flowers are double and soft pink
  • Yellow County is bright yellow and suitable for beginners

Oriental Lily – Lilium Oriental

Oriental hybrids grow to about 1 m tall and develop strong stems. They are therefore ideal as cut flowers for the vase. Up to five large flowers can cavort on one stem, in a horizontal arrangement typical of the species. The 20 cm large flowers usually give off an intense scent.

  • Casa Blanca produces white flowers with contrasting red stigmas
  • Josephine delivers a delightful scent in pink flowers
  • Muscadet, a lily family with elegant white flower heads

Kanadalilien – Lilium canadense

The hardy species reaches a height of about 1 m and flowers in June and July. Up to 20 flowers can be found on an umbel-shaped inflorescence.

Tigerlilien – Lilium lancifolium

Tiger lilies are the most adaptable of the lily species. They are content with almost any location where they survive the winter unscathed. Their mostly orange flowers open from June to September and are mottled. Over time, these types of lilies become more and more beautiful and reach a size of up to 150 cm.

  • Double Sensation bears double pink flowers with white throats and tips
  • Flore Plenum with double, orange flower heads with black dots
  • Splendens with a long flowering period from July to September
  • Pink Flavour: yellow center and touches of pink on dusky pink petals
  • Salmon Tiger is fragrant and the flowers are colored in delicate apricot
  • Tiger White with white flowers about 10 cm in diameter covered with small black spots

Pantherlilien – Lilium pardalinum

The hardy panther lilies from the ‘American section’ of lilies flower in August. The flowers are yellow-orange with reddish-tinged tips and brownish spots.

Turk’s cap lilies – Lilium martagon

The blooming period for the Turk’s cap lilies extends from June to August and exudes a lovely scent, especially in the evening hours. The leaves of the small flowers bend backwards and are reminiscent of a turban. This is mostly pink with dots. Low-growing varieties are well suited to a rock garden, while others grow up to two meters tall.

  • Guinea Gold develops yellow flower heads dotted with red dots
  • Manitoba Morning has pink dots with a yellow border spread over salmon-colored petals
  • Orange marmalade has narrow petals of the warmest shades of orange

Trumpet Lily – Lilium regale

Wild forms of this lily species usually bloom white and let their flowers droop slightly. Crossbreeds have now produced more colorful variants. The flowering period of the plants, also known as royal lilies, begins in June with the first blossoms, which are reminiscent of trumpets with their leaves arching slightly backwards.

  • Pink Perfection scores perfectly with the color pink
  • Royal Gold makes bright yellow flowers
  • White Elegance, whose white flowers are lightly scented

Madonnenlilien – white lily

Madonna lilies are one of the most elegant types of lilies that produce countless flowers. The inflorescence can consist of up to 20 individual flowers. The white magnificent specimens with golden stamens appear from May to September. A spicy scent is her constant companion.

The bulb of this species of lily is considered hardy. From autumn, the plant also forms a flat rosette, which helps it overwinter. Very frosty and wet days are still a challenge for them. If the wetness has started a rotting process, it can hardly be stopped and the plant dies. It should therefore be covered in good time with a layer of brushwood or straw to keep the wet at bay.

Pot specimens overwinter best in a cool but frost-free place in the house. The cooler it is there, the less they can be watered. Wetness can also promote rot in the winter quarters.

Osterlilien – Lilium longiflorum

Of all the lily species, Easter lilies have the greatest economic importance. They are often found in flower shops as fragrant cut flowers. The large trumpet flowers are completely white, hanging slightly from the long stem. They are hardy in the garden and delight with their flowers from May to June year after year.

  • Deliana with cream colored flowers
  • Elegant Lady blooms in pink and has a pretty pattern
  • Nellie White produces white colored flower heads with a yellowish throat
  • Triumphator also has white flowers, but with a pink throat
  • White Elegance presents us with many flowers in white

Fire Lilies – Lilium bulbiferum

The vigorously blossomed lilies look as if they are on fire. This is due to the orange flowers, which are streaked with small brown speckles. They stand upright in umbels and delight us from May to July. However, the fragrance with which other types of lilies beguile is absent from this type of lily.

Japanese Mountain Lilies – Lilium auratum

These mountain lilies sprout tall stems that easily reach 1.5 m. The wild form forms large, white and plate-shaped flowers. The white flower color is interrupted by yellow midribs and reddish spots. August and September are the two flowering months of this hardy species, during which time there is a lovely lily scent in the air.

  • Cupid with red flowers
  • Sphinx is popular and brings brick-red flowers
  • Nobility enchants with ruby ​​red flowers

Baumlilien – Lilium Orienpet

The hardy tree lilies are the giants among the lily species. They can grow up to 2.5 in height. The flowers are also large and fragrant.

  • Anastasia with fragrant pink flowers with a pink center stripe
  • Boogie Woogie, fragrant, yellow with an orange border
  • Honeymoon offers soft yellow and elegant flowers
  • Lavon with up to 30 huge yellow-orange flowers per stem
  • On Stage is pure salmon colored

There are countless types of lilies and so the selection of hardy varieties is impressively large. The variety of colors in the flower formation is supplemented with fine patterns and contrasts. This is how beauty is created, which the fragrance also likes to follow. What you still have to do: choose, plant and, thanks to winter hardiness, enjoy year after year.

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