The typical strawberry season in this country is in May and June. The harvest time is extended by the so-called monthly strawberries. But when do strawberries have to go into the ground for the harvest to work?


The right time to plant strawberries today depends less on the variety and more on the condition in which you buy the strawberry plant.

Chilled Strawberry Plants (Frigos)

Frigos are grown on professional farms until December. When the strawberry plants go into hibernation, they are “harvested” and cleaned. The bare-root strawberries are then stored in a kind of “hibernation” at -1 to -2 degrees Celsius. When they come into the earth, they “awaken” and begin to grow. The first fruits can be harvested after about ten weeks.

The earliest time to set Frigos is

  • Beginning of April (without cultivation aids)
  • Mid-March (with cover fleece)
  • mid-February (in a frost-free greenhouse)

The latest date is the end of June.

Note: Since Frigos are root crops, you should plant the strawberries as soon as possible.

Strawberry varieties that you get as Frigos are, for example, the garden strawberries

  • Daroyal
  • Darselect
  • Elsanta
  • Honeoye
  • Lambada
  • Crown
  • Kitty Schindler

Bare root green plants

Strawberry green plants bear leaves compared to the Frigos. They are planted from August to early September so that they can grow well and in September/October they can plant the flowers for the coming first year of harvest. If the strawberries are planted later, the harvest will be smaller next year.

Potted Plants (Potware)

Potted plants are the most flexible when it comes to when to plant. Because these strawberry plants already have a strong root system. You just have to keep growing in your own garden. Therefore, the potted goods are also well suited for the balcony or terrace. Depending on the risk of frost, the planting period extends from March to August/beginning of September.


Strawberry plants, once planted, remain in place until they are disposed of due to low crop yields (from the third year of harvest). Therefore, only young strawberries are transplanted. These “young plants” are offshoots on which children form.

Kindels that have already developed roots of their own are eventually separated from the mother plant between late July and early August. The “replanting” takes place immediately after separation from the mother.

You can help unrooted offshoots by planting them in a small pot and not cutting off the connection to the mother plant for the time being. Once the strawberries have rooted, you can transplant the now rooted children.

Note: When transplanting strawberries, attention should be paid to crop rotation. It is ideal if the intended location has been ‘strawberry-free’ for four years.

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