With composting you save on waste fees and at the same time get a high-quality fertilizer. Not every food can go on the compost heap. The following article answers the question of whether you can compost potato peelings.

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The potato skins 

Potato skins contain various bitter substances. Since these are edible for adults, the bitter substances in the compost and fertilizer are not a problem. You can dispose of raw vegetable and fruit leftovers from the kitchen on the compost heap or in the composter. Even if the potato is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, strictly speaking, it fits perfectly into the fruit and vegetable bowls.

Note: Not all potatoes are suitable for composting. If the arable crop shows rot on the herb or tubers, you should dispose of them elsewhere.

Good mixture

A good mix is ​​required for successful composting. A variety of nutrients and different waste residues should therefore be in the compost. Anyone who only composts potato skins will not use the full potential of a high-quality fertilizer. In addition, the compost heap should not be too moist and not too dry. An efficient, nutrient-rich mix is ​​achieved with the following waste:

  • raw kitchen scraps
  • shredded wood waste
  • Flower waste in small quantities
  • tea and coffee grounds
  • Small amounts of newspaper

A balanced ratio between dry and moist material is important. Then the compost becomes a high-quality fertilizer that you can use in many ways:

  • plant fertilizer
  • soil fertilizer

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