A house wall, a privacy screen or a pergola is often beautified with the graceful and decorative climbing roses. There are many different varieties that differ in color and flowering. Since most rose varieties are now bred to be very robust, they are often the first choice. The following article summarizes the most beautiful repeat-flowering rambler roses.

Difference between rambler roses and climbing roses

The roses that grow upwards on a house wall or pergola are usually referred to as climbing roses. And rambler roses are also known. However, these are not the same strains, as there is a big difference between the two types. The climbers , as the climbing roses are also called, have upright and stiff shoots that can be easily pulled up walls. The rambler roses, on the other hand, have long, flexible shoots that also have hooked spikes. This type of rose always needs a support and a climbing aid so that the soft shoots get a hold. The following is a list of repeat-blooming rambler and climbing roses by their flower colors, which are as follows:

  • white and cream flowers
  • pink, fuchsia and violet flowers
  • red flowers
  • yellow flowers

Note: Rambler roses not only grow on house walls and pergolas, they can also easily grow into trees with their meter-long shoots, which can be particularly decorative. Climbing roses, on the other hand, are more suited to rigid walls or small varieties as a shrub due to their rigidity.

White and cream flowers

If the roses have white or cream-colored flowers, then this is a very restrained color that suits both a designer garden and a colorful cottage garden. Because the white color can adapt to any environment, is neutral and suits any style of garden. The white and cream-colored roses also have the largest selection of varieties, which looks like this:

Alaska (climbing rose)

  • Height up to two meters
  • width up to one meter
  • white flowers, slightly yellowish inside
  • about 10 centimeters in circumference
  • heavily filled
  • long bloom
  • pleasant light scent
  • vigorous, bushy growth
  • sunny to partially shaded location
  • nutrient-rich soil

Garland of Love (Rambler)

  • Height up to four meters
  • Width up to three meters
  • can also be significantly higher without a cut
  • bright white flowers
  • loose filling with yellow stamens
  • Flowers grow in umbels
  • smells like honey
  • multi-shoot, vigorous growth
  • pretty tough
  • sunny to partially shaded location

Hella (climbing rose)

  • small variety only up to 2.50 meters high
  • Width up to 1.50 meters
  • white flowers with a yellow center
  • Flowers about 8 to 10 centimeters
  • half full hanging in umbels
  • light, pleasantly sweet smell
  • vigorous and multi-shoot growing
  • has many spikes
  • belongs to the ARD roses
  • sunny location

Mme Alfred Carriere (climbing rose)

  • very old rose from 1879
  • grows up to five meters high
  • and up to three meters wide
  • white to slightly pink flowers
  • Flower very large with 10 centimeters
  • bowl-shaped and loosely filled
  • very intense and sweet scent
  • strong growing with long thin shoots
  • sunny location
  • nutrient-rich soil

Niagara Falls (climbing rose)

  • up to four meters high
  • grows up to three meters wide
  • bright white flowers, yellow in the middle
  • Small double flowers hang in large umbels
  • light, pleasant scent
  • strong, fast-growing with many shoots
  • sunny to partially shaded location
  • nutrient-rich soil desired
Note: As you can already guess from the name, the Niagara Falls rose that blooms repeatedly offers a large abundance of flowers that are reminiscent of a waterfall. If the faded inflorescences are not cut off, this variety will not bloom a second time.

Mini – Eden – Rose (climbing rose)

  • with a height of 1.50 meters very small
  • also grows up to 1.50 wide
  • creamy white flowers that appear light pink inside
  • old flowers take on dusky pink color
  • double flowers between six and nine centimeters
  • often in small but also in large clusters
  • little fragrant
  • grows vigorous and bushy
  • Repeat-blooming rose up to three times a year
  • sunny location

Uetersener Klosterrose (climbing rose)

  • grows up to 3.50 meters high
  • grows up to 2.50 meters in width
  • Flowers are cream in color with a yellow center
  • very large, half-filled flower cups
  • remind of a ball
  • smells fruity and fresh
  • Upright growing and very vigorous
  • blooms a second time very intensively
  • sunny location
  • nutrient-rich soil

Pink, fuchsia and violet flowers

The rambler roses with pink, pink and purple flowers are often romantic and playful. The rest of the garden should be designed in the same way. These varieties look great on terraces with a cast-iron pergola and ornate iron tables and chairs with playful patterns on cushions and blankets. The list shows rose species that bloom more often in soft pink, playful pink and strong violet:

Jasmina (Rambler)

  • up to 2.50 wide and 1.50 high
  • purplish-pink flowers
  • Flowers grow up to seven centimeters in size
  • first as a ball, then the flowers open in bowls
  • grow in umbels of ten to twelve flowers
  • intense and fruity fragrance
  • vigorous growth with many shoots
  • great abundance of flowers
  • pretty tough
  • belongs to the ADR roses

Quir Royal (Rambler)

  • very large, often flowering rambler rose
  • grows up to four meters high
  • but only 1.50 meters wide
  • the flowers shine in silky pink
  • also have a magenta marking
  • with six to seven centimeters quite small flowers
  • loosely filled
  • fast growing with many shoots
  • very large, first flower
  • Rebloom must be encouraged

Laguna (climbing rose)

  • Height up to three meters
  • Width up to 2.50 meters
  • bright bright pink flowers
  • Flowers ten centimeters large and very double
  • six to eight flowers on one umbel
  • Fragrance very strong, like the old varieties of roses
  • strong, strong, wide growth with many shoots
  • belongs to the ADR roses
  • pretty tough
  • sunny to partially shaded location
Tip: If you live in a wet climate area, then the Laguna rambler rose variety is ideal for you. Because this variety of climbing roses is just as rainproof as it is heat-tolerant.

New Dawn (Kletterrose)

  • old rose from 1930
  • grows up to three meters high and 1.50 meters wide
  • Flowers vary between white and porcelain pink
  • the center is pale yellow
  • large, double flowers that look like hybrid tea roses
  • strongly scented
  • very robust and flowers last a long time
  • vigorous growth, densely branched at the base
  • sunny to partially shaded location
Tip: The New Dawn variety, which blooms often, is frost hardy, very easy to care for and has a lasting abundance of flowers. This makes it the perfect rose for you if you don’t want to or can’t invest much time in caring for it.

Super Excelsa (Rambler)

  • up to 2.50 meters high and two meters wide
  • Flower color varies between rosy red, crimson and pink
  • very small but very double flowers
  • hanging on big bunches
  • soft and overhanging shoots
  • plentiful
  • robust and resistant
  • ADR Pink
  • sunny location
  • nutrient-rich soil

Red flowers

Anyone who chooses roses with red flowers often wants to make a statement in their garden. Because the red flowers of the climbing roses on a house wall are visible from afar. The following varieties are particularly decorative and are also very robust:

Bajazzo (climbing rose)

  • up to four meters high
  • Width up to 1.50 meters
  • Color reddish to orange-pink
  • new color nuances every day
  • Flower size between eight and nine centimeters
  • open, filled shells on large umbels
  • grows upright and vigorous with rich branching
  • ADR predicate
  • robust
  • sunny location

Momo (Rambler)

  • Height up to 2.50 meters
  • Width up to 1.50 meters
  • strong flower color from crimson to dark red
  • very small flowers growing in panicles
  • New shoots keep growing from the grafting point
  • vigorous growth
  • very high flowering performance, persistent and continuous flowering
  • Foliage assumes reddish tint in autumn
  • sunny location
  • nutrient-rich soil

Rosanna (climbing rose)

  • Height up to three meters
  • only one meter wide
  • Flower color coral red to salmon pink
  • gets lighter in different degrees
  • with nine to eleven centimeters very large flowers
  • have nostalgic form
  • faster, strong, upright growth
  • can also be cultivated as a shrub rose
  • received many awards
  • sunny location

yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are always reminiscent of sun and summer and usually make the viewer happy. The roses with the yellow flowers therefore also fit into a colorful and cheerful cottage garden that should be visited by many insects. The most beautiful specimens are presented below:

Ghislain de Feligonde (Rambler)

  • very old variety from 1916
  • grows up to 3.50 meters high
  • also higher without a cut
  • Width up to 2.50 meters
  • Flowers cannot be classified well by colour
  • initially yellow-orange, then apricot to white-pink
  • small, slightly double flowers
  • grow in large clumps
  • growth overhanging
  • Location partially shaded to sunny
Note: Many of the rose varieties presented here are newer breeds and are therefore usually more robust than the old varieties, which, however, also have a very special old-world charm.

Golden Gate (climbing rose)

  • Height up to 3.50 meters, width up to 2.50 meters
  • Flower color golden yellow, fading into pure yellow
  • eleven centimeters large, very double flowers
  • grow in clumps
  • very pleasant scent of fresh, fruity lemon
  • vigorous growth with many shoots
  • ADR Pink
  • sunny location
  • nutrient-rich soil
Note: As a rule, yellow roses are considered more vulnerable and not as hardy. The frequently flowering Golden Gate, on the other hand, is considered to be very healthy and vigorous, which is unusual for yellow roses.

Shining Beauty (Kletterrose)

  • Height up to three meters
  • Width up to 1.50 meters
  • golden-yellow flowers that are tinged with an orange shimmer
  • extraordinary play of colours
  • very large double flowers up to 20 centimeters
  • long-lasting flowering
  • strong, fruity scent
  • bushy, upright growth
  • can also be cultivated as a shrub rose
  • sunny location
Note: Not all newly bred climbing and rambler roses come from England, as you might think. There are also some breeders in the Netherlands who are constantly bringing new breeds onto the market that you should not ignore.

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