If you take care of your garden, you don’t need a lot of garden tools. Rake, spade, weed puller, scissors, wheelbarrow, mostly lawn mower and maybe a shredder. Certainly with one or the other supplement for special cultures. However, it is worth starting with a small selection of garden tools. Then you can take the time to select these devices so that they optimally meet your requirements, are tailored to your garden, your body size and your physical strength. This makes working in the garden really relaxing. The rose scissors are simply part of it.

Rose shears in the garden

The rose scissors were originally pruning shears, so their successful career began in viticulture. There is hardly anything that is pruned more carefully than the vine in the vineyard, every superfluous branch can mean a bunch less. The scissors used here must be really powerful and feel good in the hand.

In home gardens there are many trees and shrubs that are similar in size to a vine. The gardener has to prune these trees every year, and the vine grower’s shears are the ideal size for this. And a special blade shape, with an extremely practical detail – clever hobby gardeners very quickly discovered the scissors of the winegrower for themselves, in the heyday of cultivated roses as rose scissors, soon they became the gardener’s standard tool, the typical secateurs.

The special feature of a good rose scissors

The special shape of the blades turns the pruning shears into pruning shears, but it is also the key feature why hobby gardeners have turned the pruning shears into rose scissors: These scissors have a semi-circular recess at the base of the blade, which the winegrower uses to cut the trellis wires of the vines. This recess sits right where the blade has the most leverage and will also effortlessly cut any shoot that is placed in this recess. Also a lot of shoots when trees and shrubs have to be pruned vigorously.

Good pruning shears allow you to work without tiring, they were made for professionals and had to prove their suitability when used by professionals; long hours at a time, vines are pruned as they bud, often beyond the length of a typical workday. If a pair of scissors doesn’t fit perfectly in your hand and does its job in an exemplary manner, it won’t make a career for itself with professionals in viticulture or anywhere else…

Only genuine with bypass

After the pruning shears became the favorite pruning shears, all possible pruning shears with the nickname rose scissors are sold. But they are not always rose scissors, garden shears work with two different cutting mechanisms:

  • Garden shears with an anvil principle have a blade that rests on a flat, blunt counterpart.
  • This is a principle whose functions need careful examination.
  • Because only if this blade is sharp, it cuts off the clippings cleanly.
  • If it’s only slightly out of focus, it squeezes, with an ugly cut.
  • The same thing happens if the clippings are too thick or too tight.
  • Possible for pruning shears, but not pleasant for vines or roses.
  • Therefore, pruning shears and rose shears work with a different cutting technique.
  • A real pruner always works with a bypass mechanism.
  • So with two blades that slide past each other, cut and not separate by pressing.
  • Logically, squeezing is not possible here, if the branches are too strong, the scissors simply get stuck in the middle of the cut.
  • This can then still be a smooth cut, e.g. B. by starting again after a break.
  • Of course, pruning shears with a bypass system also have to be sharpened, but usually at considerably longer intervals

Quality is worth it

The pruning shears convince with a special blade shape (recess in the blade), a bypass blade that cuts particularly well and a special ergonomic shape, that’s quite a lot.

When the vine/rose scissors were still purely professional devices, you could still be sure that you would find the fourth important feature, good quality. Since “Greed is cool” has found its way into our company, this is no longer a matter of course. If you should be tempted to take the beautiful rose scissors for 1.99 euros from the Grabbeltisch or the colorful but very blurred image on the Internet, here are the arguments why you should refrain from doing so:

Can’t be wrong, doesn’t it cost anything? This is a misconception. Such scissors cost a lot if they fly in your face when cutting the first thick branch. Serious injuries can also result if handles break and sharp edges dig into your hands.

  • No-name imports are prone to causing ailments through use, from bloody chafed hands to tendinitis
  • Blades usually dull quickly, levers warp and can hardly be moved up and down
  • The “everything and cheap dealers on the Internet” in particular are often “parasitic business models”.
  • If you buy here, you will cut yourself twice in the flesh

Enough nagging, but it really pays to keep an eye out for quality products. Not just because working with them is safe and fun in the long run. But also because we consumers decide with our purchase whether there will still be quality products in the future. Or whether we have to live with pruning shears that don’t cut, household appliances that melt after being used for more than 10 seconds, televisions that remain black just in time for the expiry of the guarantee and mobile phones that mutate into disposable items with an empty battery.

find quality

The companies where you can buy quality products can also be found on the Internet, just maybe not at the top of the first page because they would rather spend money on product quality than on advertising. But usually with websites where you are informed comprehensively and clearly.

There is no good quality rose scissors for 2 euros, but the products of the quality manufacturers are often much cheaper than expected. You only pay more than the normal average price for unfathomable import scissors for rose scissors, even from a specialized manufacturer, if you have your very own scissors made for you…

Incidentally, with a manufacturer like the Paul scissors manufacturer, you can do exactly that, have your “scissors made to order” (specific type of scissors, individually designed scissors, scissors for a specific purpose) made. You can get rose scissors (wire scissors) from the scissors manufactory Paul for €14.98. If you also order something exciting like pizza scissors, silhouette scissors, stork scissors, nose hair scissors or mane and tail scissors, you will get over €25 and thus free shipping. If a pair of scissors has suffered (because of the wrong cutting material, for example), a sharpening and repair service is offered, which will also put you in touch with a competent service partner if you live further away.

More scissors manufacturers with rose scissors:

  • Kretzer Scheren GmbH, Loehdorferstr. 171 – 173, 42699 Solingen, www.kretzer.de , around 1500 scissors, development of special scissors for problem material, rose scissors (vine scissors) from €15.80.
  • FELCO Deutschland GmbH, Ludwigsburger Str. 71, 71691 Freiberg/Neckar, www.felco.eu , rose scissors from between €15, also pneumatic and electric.

These rose scissors are manufactured using traditional techniques, partly by experienced craftsmen in manufactories, resulting in precision devices that will accompany you for a lifetime. You can buy and replace every part of these scissors, but the blades dull very slowly anyway and can be resharpened many times.

The characteristics of a good rose scissors in detail

With a good quality rose scissors you buy a “scissors for life”, which of course needs to be well chosen, whereby a few features have to be checked:

  • Good rose scissors have comfortable, light and stable handles made of solid material
  • Usually a plastic composite, e.g. B. a polymer with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • The handle should fit comfortably in the hand, an ergonomic shape is easy on the body at work.
  • The blade and counter blade are made of high-quality, hardened steel.
  • The cutting head can be adjusted.
  • All wearing parts are replaceable, especially the cutting head.

For frequent cutters:

  • Various cutting settings, including a half-open mode for cutting small diameters.
  • Different cutting heads for different tasks.
  • With lubricating pin for lubricating the cutting head when assembled.

Tailor made

When you buy good quality pruning shears, you have the chance to choose a pair of scissors that are just right for you and your body:

There are people with small hands and with big hands, with little and with a lot of strength. And because rose scissors have been around for so long, there is just the right rose scissors for each of these people. Look around until you find the right pruning shears for your hands and muscle strength, it makes a big difference at work in the long run.

Tip: It has already been noticed today that about half of the people in the world are left-handed, so specialist retailers now also have rose scissors for left-handers.

Rose scissors = secateurs?

Whether the pruning shears can become your only pruning shears depends on your garden, especially its age, and on your enthusiasm and inventiveness as a gardener:

If you’re tending a relatively freshly planted garden on a new-build lot, there’s a good chance you can take care of the entire garden with a single pair of pruning shears tailored to your body. You will also have less trouble pruning each shrub in time. With a pair of scissors, this happens more or less on the side when walking through the garden.

Unless you have unusual ideas and implement them in your new garden. Perhaps you have planted a bamboo in the garden to delight your children with new taketombos ( www.youtube.com/, or you have even more plans to make entire horticultural structures out of bamboo, e.g. B. (can be viewed at www.sanfte structures.de/Bildwerke/Bildwerke.html). Perhaps a fast-growing hedge plant surrounds your property, dogwood or fire maple z. B., all these plants grow by 50 cm a year, with strong shoots that soon become thick tubes or branches. Then you can use several rose scissors, a normal one for your delicately growing shrubs and a strong one for bamboo and co. (would also do fine work on delicate shrubs, but more strenuous).

It’s the same when you have to trim a wide variety of plants from tender grass to aging fruit trees in a fairly old and varied garden.

Useful accessories

You can live even better with your first rose scissors for a very long time if you make sure when you buy them that you can buy certain accessories later:

1. Lengthening
If you have trees in the garden, they also need to be pruned. This can be done with normal rose scissors. The earlier bothersome branches are cut, the smaller the wounds and the healthier the tree. If the pruning shears are to replace the pruning shears for a long time, you will eventually need an extension. You can buy such telescopic arms for extensions of up to 4 meters.

2. Cordless Rose
Pruners Worth considering if you have a real crop garden with lots of berry bushes, nuts, etc. They need their regular fruit pruning, which becomes more and more strenuous over the years. Today there are cordless pruners with lithium polymer batteries that last a whole day.

The rose scissors are the secateurs with which you can definitely keep your entire garden in check. Their quality and ergonomics determine how easily you can cope with the tiresome cutting work. A little information when purchasing is definitely worthwhile.

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