Sage is not only a good medicinal and aromatic herb. Flowering sage plants are also very suitable for enriching the flower garden. But which neighbors does sage go best with?

Mixed culture in the orchard and vegetable garden

Especially in the vegetable garden, the mixed culture of different species should bring benefits. Good neighbors help sage to grow or drive away pests. The same goes for herbs like sage. With the smell of its essential oils, the kitchen herb is said to drive away snails and lice.

vegetable plants

In the vegetable garden, sage plants not only bring benefits because they protect against various pests. Once the herb blooms, it attracts many beneficial insects, most notably fruiting vegetables. Smaller sage varieties should be preferred for a bed border.

Note: Basically, it must be noted that sage plants need a lot of additional space in the bed.


  • as a bed border
  • discourages cabbage whites from laying eggs
  • Sage protects against the cabbage fly


  • as a bed border or in the bed between the plants
  • supposed to enhance flavor

Peas beans

  • as a bed border or between the plants
  • keeps pea moths from laying eggs
  • protects against the black bean aphid


  • as a bed border
  • also in connection with onions
  • protects against the carrot fly


  • as a bed border or between the plants
  • Sage is said to enhance aroma
  • for all types of lettuce

fruit plants

In the orchard, some sage plants can also attract insects, which in turn pollinate the fruit trees or bushes. In addition, the health of grapevines is said to be boosted when sage plants grow nearby.


Because sage is a perennial herb, it gets along best with other perennial herbs as well. Good neighbors for sage are:

Note: It is important that the requirements of the herbal plants are similar.


In the flower garden, the mixed culture is a little different, since visual aspects are also important here. The flower colors should harmonize with each other or a flower bed should bloom continuously from spring to autumn.

Sage plants therefore go very well with roses. On the one hand because of the completely different flower shape and on the other hand because of the contrasting color of the flowers.

By the way, Mediterranean flower beds are also enriched by sage. Other drought-loving kitchen herbs go well with this.

frequently asked Questions

Definitely when they grow together in a bed. The situation is different with potted plants, where different substrates can be used. So sage can also be socialized with plants that prefer more moisture.

Yes, these are mainly cucumbers and basil. Annual herbs are also not very suitable for socializing.

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