Sowing spinach is not rocket science. Since spinach can be sown from February to early October, one of the basics is making sure you choose the right variety for when.

sow spinach

When sowing spinach, bot. Spinacia oleracea, also called garden or vegetable spinach, can basically be divided into two steps:

  1. the soil preparation
  2. the actual sowing


Since Spinacia oleracea can be sown almost all year round, the right time depends on the spinach variety. In general, sowing takes place for

  • Spring spinach from late February to early April
  • Summer spinach from April to the end of June
  • Autumn spinach from July to September
  • Winter spinach from late September to early October
Note: Only bolt-resistant varieties should be used for sowing in summer.

Germination temperature and germination time are also important for the right time. You can find this information on the packaging. The specifications are to be understood in such a way that the germination temperature can be maintained on as many days as possible during the germination period.

soil preparation

Garden spinach, however, thrives best in sunny to partially shaded locations. The ideal soil for sowing spinach has the following characteristics:

  • locker
  • nutritious
  • fumes
  • wet
  • pH: 6.7 to 7.5

Soil preparation is one of the fundamentals of successful seeding. It is therefore carried out approximately two to three weeks before sowing. Proceed according to the following instructions:

  • Mix compost and peat (alternatively: cattle manure or horse manure) with the soil
  • then break up larger crumbs of earth with a rake
  • level with a rake
  • Keep soil moist until sowing


Once the ground has settled, you can sow the spinach seeds. For creating the rows in the garden bed

  • pull straight furrows (seed furrows) through the bed with a hand shovel
  • Row spacing: at least 15 centimeters (depending on the variety)

Finally, to make the rows straight, it is advisable to stretch a string from one end to the other of the planned row. Once the bed rows have been drawn, the actual sowing follows:

  • Sow seeds six to seven centimeters apart (depending on variety)
  • Sowing depth: one to three centimeters
  • cover loosely with soil
  • press lightly with the back of the rake
  • definitely don’t step down
  • water well
  • Cover seeds or bed with foil for a week to protect against birds
Tip: So that there is not too much spinach at once during the harvest, you can also sow the seeds at different times. In this case, the interval should be one week.

raised bed

If the vegetable spinach comes in a raised bed, you can also sow the spinach in staggered rows. The distance from one seed to the next is ten centimeters in all directions. Follow these steps:

1st row:

  • Place the first seed in the ground at a distance of five centimeters from the edge of the bed
  • apply all others at intervals of ten centimetres

Create the 2nd row at a distance of ten centimeters from the first:

  • Sow the first seeds at a distance of ten centimeters from the edge of the bed
  • sow all others again at intervals of ten centimetres

The third row is like the first, the fourth row like the second, and so on


Garden spinach is usually sown directly into the bed. But you can also prefer it if you want to harvest spinach two to three weeks earlier in spring, for example . However, you can grow the young plants in small pots. Five to six seeds come in each pot. After eight to ten days, they finally germinate at a temperature of twelve degrees Celsius.

Sowing in the pot

If there is no suitable bed area, you can also grow spinach in a pot. Since the plants form very long taproots, it is important that the planter has a minimum depth of 35 centimeters. Vegetable soil is used as a substrate in the pot. Incidentally, how many seeds you can put in the planter depends on its size. Because every seed needs a minimum distance of ten centimeters in diameter in the pot culture.

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