It’s not a pleasant thing when a strange dog pees on the neighbor’s front door or the next wall. Above all, this shows that they have no respect for the property of others. If it does happen, the dog’s urine must be removed and neutralized as quickly as possible so that other dogs don’t also pee here to mark their territory.

address dog owners

If a homeowner notices that a strange dog is peeing on his front door or the wall next to it, then the dog owner should be confronted immediately. Because once a dog has left its urine, more will follow to mark their territory here as well. It also makes more sense to immediately vent your anger about the dog’s urine when living with your neighbors. The area should then be cleaned and neutralized immediately. If the dog could not be identified, it would be advisable to hang a note on the front door and ask the culprit to stop having their dog tagged. Otherwise, cleaning and neutralization must be carried out daily.

Prevent with grid

A simple way to keep neighborhood dogs out of your own front yard is to put a gate in front of the door. Because hardly any dog ​​likes to walk over such a fence voluntarily, the paws get stuck and it is also the instinct that the animal refuses to step on a fence. So it will no longer find its way to the front door to pee here. This should be done as follows:

  • Get a door grating at a hardware store
  • right in front of the entrance
  • larger area use two to three grids
Tip: If you know which dog is peeing at your entrance and do not want to speak to the dog owner when he goes for a walk, then you could also put a note on the front door prohibiting dogs from entering the house. Sometimes dog owners don’t think that far and don’t pay attention to what their dog is doing.

Odorless detergent or washing powder

If dog urine is found on the door or the adjacent wall, it must be washed off first. If the door has a smooth surface in which no traces of urine can penetrate into cracks or holes, but rather it rolls off the surface, then the problem is not that big. The situation is different, for example, with a wooden door or the adjacent wall if the dog’s urine was able to penetrate here. Then proceed as follows:

  • choose an odorless agent
  • Bio-based detergent
  • or washing powder
  • clean the spot thoroughly
  • use a sponge for this
  • rinse off with warm, clear water
  • dry with a soft cloth

If the surface is smooth, the dog’s urine can already be washed off successfully. However, if the surface is rough or has cracks and crevices, further neutralization is appropriate. Various home remedies can be used for this.


Many people clean their homes with Sagrotan, the agent is available in drugstores in many different versions, including as a spray. This is a disinfectant cleaner. Since this is also odorless, the affected area can also be sprayed with Sagrotan. This should be done as follows:

  • Thoroughly clean the door or house wall
  • then spray on the disinfectant
  • let work
  • wipe with a soft cloth

However, the manufacturer’s instructions should also be observed here, because some sprays should only be sprayed on and not removed.

Note: If you use a disinfectant against dog urine, you must know that the disinfection is only effective if the surface has been cleaned well beforehand. Just spraying without first removing the stain thoroughly is not enough here.

vinegar-water mixture

Vinegar is always a good household remedy to neutralize various odors and is therefore also good for use against the smell of dog urine. Before doing so, however, it should be checked whether vinegar would attack the top layer of the door, for example if it is varnished. Because if vinegar is sprayed on and then the sun falls on the spot, unsightly matt spots can occur. Otherwise, the vinegar can be used as follows:

  • Mix vinegar with water
  • one part vinegar to five parts water
  • put everything in a spray bottle
  • spray on affected area
  • depending on the condition
  • then wipe with a damp cloth
  • repeat for several days if necessary
Tip: The rougher the surface and the more cracks and pores there are in the affected area, the longer you should leave the vinegar mixture to act so that it can penetrate the last crack and neutralize the dog urine again.

Pure alcohol from pharmacy

Pure alcohol or denatured alcohol is also a good home remedy to remove traces of urine when a strange dog pees on the front door. The application should be done as follows:

  • Clean the door well
  • Fill spirit or alcohol in spray bottle
  • spray on the affected area
  • does not need to be washed off
  • disappears by itself
  • repeat several times if necessary
Note: Even if you have a bottle of schnapps in the bar cabinet, you should get pure alcohol from the pharmacy. Because alcohol for consumption always has too much added sugar and could attract the dogs rather than deter them.

baking powder or baking soda

Almost everyone has several sachets of the household remedy baking powder, which also contains baking soda, in a kitchen cupboard. The powder is also good for neutralizing the smell so that the dog does not come back or other dogs are encouraged to mark the territory as well. After thorough cleaning, proceed as follows:

  • Mix baking soda or baking soda with water
  • it should form a firm paste
  • swipe this in place
  • Work into any cracks or holes
  • leave on for a long time
  • remove with a rag
  • wipe with a damp sponge
  • Completely remove the mixture from cracks as well
  • Baking soda has a slight bleaching effect
  • Otherwise, the spot could become lighter

sulfur for prevention

Advisors often point out that dogs can be kept away from the front door with sulfur powder, as they don’t like the smell. However, this advice should be taken with caution, because sulfur can be harmful to the health of more than just dogs. Violators are therefore subject to high fines by the respective municipalities. However, what is not prohibited is the following:

  • use yellow chalk
  • grind them into powder form
  • sprinkle around the entrance
  • only helpful if dog owners are present
  • Dog alone does not recognize the warning

Turn on the regulatory office

If the dog owner is known to let their animal pee on the front door again and again, but does not want to get involved in a clarifying conversation, then in the worst case the only solution is to call the public order office. However, the good neighborhood usually does not get such a call. Nevertheless, you sometimes have to choose such a last step in order to be able to prevent further dog urine in your own entrance.

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