If the tiles on the outside of the balcony and terrace look dull and gray but are otherwise still completely intact, special paint can provide the necessary fresh coat of paint and make the outside area shine like new again. Our instructions show how – step by step – how to repaint tiles on balconies and terraces with paint and varnish.

Necessary material

  • Kärcher and brush for cleaning
  • Farbrollen
  • primer
  • special tile paint for outdoor use
  • Tile sealing or varnish
  • possibly tarpaulins to protect against soiling of the paint and varnish

Prepare tiles

The preparation takes place in three simple but in practice comparatively complex steps. These are:

  1. Cleaning: The tiles must be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt before painting. Moss, pebbles, grass and any deposits should be removed with a Kärcher or other high-pressure cleaner and by hand with a brush.
  2. Repair: If there is damage to the joints or a tile, it should be repaired in advance with the appropriate means. Especially with a lot of damage to the joints, it can even make sense to completely re-point.
  3. Allow to dry: Allow the grout and each tile to dry before proceeding with the final step of preparation. Otherwise, the liability of the following orders will be negatively affected.
  4. Apply primer: Most tile colors require a suitable primer to be applied beforehand. As a rule, these are available to match the respective color type. The primer is spread evenly over the surface with a paint roller. You should make sure that the liquid also completely covers the joints. If need be touched up with a brush.

painting tiles

Once the primer has dried sufficiently, you can start with the actual painting. The painting then takes place in a few steps:

  • Clean base and primer again if necessary
  • Apply the selected color evenly with a paint roller
  • If desired, use a thin brush to paint the joints in a different shade after the paint has dried
  • Allow paint to dry and apply another coat if needed to achieve full coverage
Tip: Since the measures are carried out outdoors, you should wait for dry weather. Alternatively, a tarpaulin can also be stretched over the balcony or terrace as protection. This also prevents dirt from falling again onto the primed or freshly painted tile covering.

Seal tile colors

Hardly any paint lasts long-term outdoors if it is not sealed appropriately. Floor tiles in particular have to withstand high loads on the outside, including walking on them, moving furniture and moisture. After painting the tiles, a so-called tile sealant or a corresponding paint should therefore be applied. The procedure here is the same as for primer and paint. Depending on the paint, it may be necessary to apply a second coat as well.

The tile paint has several advantages once it has dried:

  • Protecting the color from fading, for example from exposure to the sun
  • Protection of paint from damage such as scratches
  • moisture protection
  • Color durability is increased
  • Cleaning of the tile covering is made easier
Tip: You should use a paint roller to apply the tile paint. To check that the application is even, you can also use a flashlight to shine a beam of light over the surface. The paint shines, but gaps are immediately noticeable as duller spots due to the light.

Which varnish and which color can I use?

They should be products specifically designed for outdoor use and for tiles. This also applies to the foundation. Otherwise support and load cannot be given to the required extent.

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