When a summer house is planned, the right door is part of it. The range of garden doors is large and many people are quickly overwhelmed by the large number of available door widths and door heights. To make the choice easier, it is advisable to know the standard door dimensions. These make it easier for you to choose the doors, even if you need models that are barrier-free.

Standard door dimensions: Is a garden shed door standardized?

When looking for a suitable door for the summer house, many people wonder which door dimensions are best suited for them. At the same time, the question arises as to whether doors must be used for garden houses whose dimensions correspond to standards such as DIN 18100 for apartments. Since garden houses are either available as a ready-made kit or can be built completely on your own, the standard dimensions are determined by these. With a finished kit, you usually don’t have to worry about buying a door yourself or measuring the wall opening for it. The situation is different with a self-erected garden shed . Two variants are used here, which depend on the type of garden house:

  • not standardized: less than 24 square meters
  • standardized: over 24 square meters

If the garden house construction exceeds an area of ​​24 square meters including outdoor seating area, you must obtain a building permit for this. In this case, the standard values ​​of DIN 18101 for front doors come into play. Front doors are used in this case, the door heights and door widths of which are regulated according to the standard. Under a size of 24 square meters, you can theoretically choose whether you want to use a standardized door or other dimensions. In today’s garden house door range, there are some dimensions that have established themselves as standard door dimensions. You can also use these, since smaller garden houses can even be artistically adapted to your own needs. When selecting the door, pay attention to the different dimensions for unrebated and rebated variants.

Note: If you like working with wood, you can make a door yourself and use it for your garden shed. The door dimensions can either correspond to the standard values ​​or be freely selected and adapted to your requirements.

Standard door dimensions according to DIN 18101

The following door widths and heights are used for the rebated door leaves for a single-leaf door (in mm):

  • 1,985 mm height: 610, 735, 860, 985 width
  • 2,110mm Height: 735, 860, 985, 1,110 Width

You can expect similar dimensions from the unrebated doors:

  • 1,985 mm height : 584, 709, 834, 959 width
  • 2,110 mm height: 709, 834, 959, 1,084 width

The standard norm values ​​can be used with a large number of garden houses. Since they are quite high, you should not include them in the planning for houses that are too low. They will not fit in most cases. If you are planning to install a rebated double wing door, you must note the following dimensions:

  • 1,985mm Height : 1,235, 1,485, 1,735, 1,985 Width
  • 2,110 mm height: 1,235, 1,485, 1,735, 1,985 width

As you can see, the height of the standard doors does not change. This is also the case with the double-leaf, unrebated doors:

  • 1,985 mm height : 1,209, 1,459, 1,709, 1,959 width
  • 2,110mm Height: 1,209, 1,459, 1,709, 1,959 Width

The standard door dimensions according to the DIN 18101 standard can be used very easily due to the two different heights. In many garden houses, the width can be adjusted more easily than the height. The planning in particular is made possible by the standard values ​​without any major problems.

Note: Standardized doors can be easily purchased from many hardware stores, specialist dealers or companies. Since they are measured according to standard values, the costs are usually lower compared to other doors.

Non-standard door heights and door widths

If you do not want to use standardized standard door dimensions, you can choose one of the numerous door heights and door widths that are available on the market. These are products from different manufacturers, which can deviate significantly from the norm. For example, if you want to install a single leaf door, you will encounter these measurements:

  • Heights: 1775, 1795, 1865, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1980, 2080, 2100 width
  • Widths: 682, 760, 785, 835, 840, 980 width

If the door has two leaves, the following standard door dimensions are used:

  • Heights: 1775, 1795, 1865, 1880, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1980, 2080, 2100 Width
  • Widths: 1100, 1175, 1305, 1425, 1480, 1588, 2370 width

Standard door dimensions: barrier-free

If the garden shed is to be barrier-free, you have to consider other door dimensions. These are selected according to DIN 18040-2. This describes the necessary door heights and widths that enable barrier-free access to the garden house. If it is necessary to make the entrance to the garden house barrier-free, you must therefore take the following standard values ​​into account when planning:

  • Width: at least 80 cm
  • Width (completely unrestricted): at least 90 cm
  • Height: at least 205 cm

If you want to use a sliding door instead of a classic one, you have to make sure that the door can be moved at least 190 cm. This is the only way that wheelchair users have enough space to get relaxed into the garden house.

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