A turf is an interesting thing. The grass surface is similar to a carpet on delivery and is also unrolled in the garden. A short time after laying, the lawn can be walked on. Sounds tempting, but there is one disadvantage: the advantage of the ready-made turf is noticeable in the price. Various factors determine the price of the rolled up lawn. At the same time, there are some important points to consider when making a purchase. The completely rooted grass carpet must not be laid without preparation. For the entire campaign, it is advisable to calculate the costs incurred in advance.

Lush green for the garden

For many people, a dense, robust lawn is a basic visual element of their own garden. A lot of effort and care has gone into these lush green carpets. This not only includes maintenance, such as removing weeds and moss cushions. The real work begins with laying out the lawn. Whether turf or the spreading of grass seeds: For both measures you have to adequately prepare the soil in the garden and prepare the soil. Only in a humus-rich substrate can all types of lawn find enough nutrients to thrive vigorously and resiliently.

Rolled turf has a decisive advantage over seed cultivation. Thanks to its firm sward, the lawn can be walked on a few hours after it has been rolled out. After a few weeks, the fully developed grass roots are firmly anchored to the ground and you have a load-bearing surface. Even playing children and raging dogs can hardly harm the thick grass. A lawn that you have sown yourself has only just fully sprouted at this point and demands a lot from the gardener in terms of maintenance. However, the price of turf is significantly higher than buying a pack of grass seeds. If you are toying with a ready-made lawn, you should keep your eyes open with regard to purchase and follow-up costs. Depending on the requirements, the place of purchase and the variety, the prices of turf vary greatly.

Calculate the amount correctly

A turf is especially suitable for small gardens or areas. The effort for the preparation and the purchase price for the lawn carpet are kept within manageable limits. If you are not afraid of the effort and the costs, you can also lay out larger gardens with the ready-made lawn. The price per square meter for the turf varies between EUR 5.99 and EUR 12.99. When buying, you should consider a few important criteria:

  • The type of lawn must match the location.
  • Roll measure
  • Sod starch
  • Minimum Order Quantity

The last point can influence the selling price, depending on the dealer. Under certain circumstances, the preparation and shipping costs for the seller are too great for quantities below 30 m². Here it is worthwhile to compare the offers from other hardware stores or online shops.

Quality and freshness play an important role in ready-made turf. The turf should not be stored in stock, but should be peeled fresh every day immediately after ordering in a so-called “lawn school”. Only a few hours should pass between harvesting the lawn and delivery. You can recognize stored goods by the weakened or withered condition of the individual grass plants. The thickness of the sod determines the root mass. On heavily used surfaces, such as a sports field, a thick sod of at least 4 cm is recommended. The type of lawn is reflected in the purchase price. You can now also get the carpet-like lawn for shady locations.

Tip: Rolled turf can be laid on an old grass surface using the “sandwich construction” method. To do this, the existing lawn is peeled with a spade just below the surface.

Preparation of the soil

Before buying the turf, the surface must be adequately prepared. This work step is usually cost-free, but involves a lot of muscle mass and time. It is worthwhile to start this measure early so that the delivered lawn can be laid immediately after arrival. These works are the minimum:

  • Remove stones and roots.
  • Remove old grass completely.
  • Level uneven surfaces or holes.

Regardless of whether turf or seed cultivation: The plants need a nutrient-rich, permeable substrate. You can achieve this by sufficiently loosening the soil and mixing it with large amounts of humus. Depending on the garden area, this measure can take several hours. You can make this work a lot easier with a petrol-powered tiller. Depending on the device and its equipment, it can be operated easily. You will receive a detailed briefing at the rental office. Within a short time, the soil is loosened several centimeters deep and you can prepare the substrate. If you don’t plan to loosen up larger areas of soil on a regular basis, buying a tiller is not worth it. The price for a good device runs into a high, 4- to 5-digit amount. For a limited period of time, you can borrow motorized garden tools from reputable hardware stores. The costs depend on the duration. In many cases the tariff is graduated by hours, days or weeks. Even if you only need the tiller for a few hours, you should borrow the device for at least one day. This means that you are not under time pressure, the fee is only slightly higher than for the minimum rental period. Plan for the device the fee is only slightly higher than for the minimum loan period. Plan for the device the fee is only slightly higher than for the minimum loan period. Plan for the deviceat least 50 to 80 EUR . Many dealers require a deposit as security. This depends on the value of the machine and can be up to EUR 250 .

If the necessary humus or compost as a nutrient supplier is missing, you should use a starter fertilizer from the hardware store. This mineral fertilizer provides the plants with important nutrients. The price is around EUR 2.50 per kilogram . When buying, you should take a look at the composition of the fertilizer. Not every product is suitable for a new lawn. Before spreading the turf, the fertilizer is spread over a large area over the substrate and lightly hooked in to protect against heavy rainfall. No additional nutrients are required for the first 6 to 8 weeks.

Tip : The best time to lay a turf is between March and the beginning of September.

Necessary accessories

Not only improper care and rampant weeds can quickly make a lawn unsightly. Voles and moles are unpleasant garden dwellers who can turn the ground into a crater or hilly landscape. You have the opportunity to take precautionary measures before laying the turf. Special, close-meshed nets permanently and effectively prevent the lawn from being undermined . The material usually consists of weatherproof and temperature-resistant polyethylene and is laid about 10 cm deep in the ground. The prices for the network are between EUR 1 and EUR 3 per square meter. The disadvantage: In order to keep costs as low as possible, the product is rarely available by the meter. This means that if you have a garden area of, for example, 30 m², you have to buy a 78 m² mole net. It is not advisable to use a rabbit trellis. The network is tight enough that burrowing mammals feel disturbed by the obstacle. But the material corrodes over time and can release toxins into the soil.

So that the roots of the grass plant come into complete contact with the subsoil after laying, you have to work the area with a grass roller. This device is hand operated and fills with water. With even movements you roll the roller over the lawn and thereby push it down. The rolled carpet is immediately accessible. You can borrow lawn rollers from hardware stores for around EUR 12 per day . Here, too, a deposit must be paid in many cases. This will be refunded to you after the device has been returned.

Laying costs

You can get the necessary equipment and materials for the turf in well-stocked hardware stores. You have to prepare the area and lay the turf yourself. If you don’t have the time, you can commission specialist companies with this task. The hourly rate fluctuates enormously. Between 25 and 65 EUR per hour can be incurred. Depending on whether you provide the material yourself or whether the specialist company has to organize turf and accessories.

Buying a turf is an expensive undertaking. It’s worth it if you want to have a sturdy and dense green space in the garden quickly. The purchase costs of turf, mole stop and rental equipment can fluctuate widely. Here it is worth keeping your eyes open when planning and comparing several prices with one another.

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