In the summer, the blackbird does not lack for food, because this bird really does not despise food. Animal and vegetable, both are allowed. We can serve her these delicacies in winter.


The blackbird, scientifically known as Turdus merula, eats soft food and avoids hard grains. The soft flesh of the apple therefore fits well into its prey scheme. While earthworms and insects are preferred in summer, it is the food of choice in winter. To make it easier for the bird, you should cut the apple into smaller pieces beforehand. Only when it is very soft can it be placed in the garden as a whole. You can also feed blackbirds with shriveled fruit, which we humans often despise and throw away.


All berries are soft and can therefore also be used as birdseed for the blackbird, as the blackbird is also called. The question is rather which one do you have on hand at the moment. You can feed blackbirds both fresh and dried berries. However, fresh berries have the advantage that they not only provide calories and vitamins, but also water. Here are a few examples of berries that are suitable as food for blackbirds:

  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • elderberries
  • currants
  • Maulbeeren
  • tomatoes
  • grapes
Tip: If you have a garden, plant berry-bearing shrubs such as privet, ivy, rowan, sea buckthorn or snowberry. Not only blackbirds will like to eat their fruit, but also numerous other bird species.


The pear is just as good blackbird fodder as the apple. However, it brings more sweetness into play, while the apple always shines with a sour note. Even a bird is happy if we feed it a variety of foods. If the pear is firm, cut it into pieces. The shell can stay put. To remove possible impurities and pollutants, you should wash the fruit thoroughly beforehand.

Note: Canned sweetened pears are not suitable food for blackbirds. In general: Do not spread sweetened or salted food.

cereal flakes

Oat and wheat flakes are nutritious food for blackbirds. But you should first prepare them as follows:

  • Soak the flakes in sunflower oil
  • don’t use too much oil
  • Birds must not get oily feathers
  • wait until all the oil has been sucked up
  • add a few raisins if necessary


Perhaps you will come across a few bushes bearing rosehips, for example vinegar roses, dog roses or vine roses, on the near-natural walking paths. The red, energetic fruits stay on the bare branches for a long time and cannot be overlooked from afar. You can pick a few of them and keep them at home as blackbird fodder. Leave a few rosehips on the bush so that other birds flying by can also find food.

Tip: These wild roses bloom so beautifully that they are also an asset to the human eye. Plant a rose in your own garden and you and native birds will enjoy them for many years.


Raisins actually belong to the berries, because they are nothing more than dried grapes. But since the blackbird has a liking for them and they are available everywhere and inexpensively, we want to list them separately here. Raisins can be stored for a long time and can therefore be mixed with other types of feed throughout the winter to make eating more varied. Make sure, however, that blackbirds are only fed unsulphured raisins.


Some seeds, primarily hemp seeds and poppies, are soft enough for the blackbird. They can be mixed well with other blackbird feed. Wheat bran is also well accepted by soft eaters.

sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are often offered as birdseed in various grain mixtures. However, these ready-made mixtures are less suitable for blackbirds, as they also contain many hard grains. Better buy pure sunflowers. They are not part of the blackbird’s main diet. However, smaller amounts are always welcome and can supplement other food on the menu. Similar to oatmeal, you can soak sunflowers in fat beforehand.

Special soft food from the trade

The trade also offers suitable ready-made bird food for the blackbird. These are mixtures that have been specially put together for soft feed eaters and are identified as such.

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