If you find lizards in your garden, you can be happy about this special beneficial creature. Because the animals eat a lot that could otherwise harm the vegetables and other plants. Gardens that are close to nature offer the best habitat here.

Favorite lizard food

If there are many flowering plants in a cottage garden , then there are also many different types of useful animals and pests. The lizards are not picky here and will eat both. These are therefore predators that do not endanger the plants.

Note: Since the animals are not picky, they eat a variety of different insects and other things. In this way, the population of the various organisms in nature can be regulated to a good, tolerable level without the need for chemical agents.


All insects and mollusks that can harm plants are included among pests for flower and kitchen gardens. This can be the case by feeding on the leaves or fruits, but the roots are also often affected when, for example, beetle larvae are up to mischief in the soil and feed on the roots. The lizards’ diet includes the following pests:

  • Locusts (Orthoptera)
  • different beetle species (Coleoptera)
  • Beetle larvae (larvae of Coleoptera)
  • Small Vertebrates (Vertebrates)
  • Earwigs (Dermaptera)
  • Caterpillars (larvae of Lepidopteran insect)
  • Snails (Gastropoda)
Note: Small vertebrates such as mice are preferred by green lizards, which, however, are only very rarely found in the wild. Unfortunately, this is due to the genes of the animals, which can no longer reproduce as much as a result.

Useful Insects

Beneficial insects include all those that either eat pests themselves or pollinate the flowers and keep the soil loose. Since one or the other beneficial insect is also part of the lizard food in gardens with many insects, this is only a natural selection and serves to balance the garden. Preferred beneficials include:

  • Marienkäfer (Coccinellidae)
  • Earthworms (Lumbricidae)
  • Spiders (Araneae)
  • Butterflies (Lepidoptera)

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