Terms Of Use

1- Terms of Use – General Provisions

  1. The use of the RelationQue Portal and all information, screens, displays, and products, including the registration and search mechanisms, as well as all the services offered by RelationQue, are subject to the conditions contained in this Term.
  2. We may change these conditions without specific notice, and it is up to the user to always review the “Terms of Use” to accompany their policy. Your continued use of the Portal after such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new terms of use.
  3. By using the Portal you agree to each of the conditions set out below. If you do not agree with any of the terms or conditions listed below, do not use Click Architecture.
  4. The use of the Portal and the services of RelationQue without complying with the conditions contained in this term will result in the user being fully responsible for any damage or loss that he may suffer or cause.
  5. Violation of any of these terms and conditions will result in the termination of your Click Architecture account and legal liability for your actions.
  6. You understand and agree that the objective of the RelationQue Portal is to provide information on architecture and related areas and to facilitate the search for services and suppliers in the area, but that the use of the site is at your own risk. It should be clear that a professional in the field must be consulted to verify the correct use of the information contained in this Portal, allowing the information to be adapted to each specific case.
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